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Current RMM Leadership


Chair: Greg Good
Vice-Chair: Sandy Campbell
Secretary: Nicole Mubarak
Treasurer: Daniel Near
Board Member-at-Large: Kris Kirby
Board Member-at-Large: Juan Porras
Board Member-at-Large: John Rhymes

Leads and Lab Hosts

Tech Wizard (Tech admin): James Nylen
Web admin: open
Social Media Specialist:open
Firearms Safety admin: Greg Good
Security admin: Heather Fox
Safety admin: Heather Fox
Business Admin: open
Bio Lab host: Karen Jensen
Circuits Lab host: Greg Good
3D Print/Computer Lab host: Open
Fiber Lab host: Shirley Hicks
Print Lab host: open
Shape Lab host: Christopher West
Break Room: Stephen Ricks
Meeting Room: open

Advisory Circle

Friends of Red Mountain Makers who act as our ties to other organizations, and who give us the advice and feedback required to keep us doing things right.

John Rhymes
Steven Wyss
Mykel Alvis
Dorcey Cox
Seth Lewis
David Johnson
Marc Gilbert

Board of directors & leadership history

Current Leadership CVs

Sandy Campbell
Roles: Board member-at-large
Kurt Fattig
Roles: Chair, Shape Lab host
Background: "Full Stack" Software Developer and Business Analyst. Kurt started computing in 1979 on the Apple II. He taught himself assembly language on the 6502 microprocessor at age 15. Currently doing Java-based web application development, he has proficiency in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, databases, and system adminsitration. Kurt has worked previously as a CAD Administrator and Product Data Management consultant and has worked in the manufacturing, engineering, consulting, insurance and retail industries.
Interests within RMM: Robotics, micro controllers, CNC routers, CNC mills, laser cutters/engravers, machining, embedded systems, integrating systems together, and woodworking.
Heather Foxx
Roles: Security Admin, Safety Admin, Metal Lab host
Greg Good
Roles: Vice-Chair, Firearms Safety Admin, Circuits Lab host
Works on a cyclotron, a type of particle accelerator for the living and enjoys tinkering with anything scientific or technical. "Come to RMM and let's see what we can make happen."
Shirley Hicks
Roles: Treasurer, Web admin., wiki administration, organizational development and planning, Fiber Lab host.
Professional Background: Printing, design and information systems. Ontario College of Art(1985) alumna, B.S. information systems, UAB Collat School of Business (2013).
Shirley brings previous co-op financial, operations and governance experience to RMM, as well as volunteer communications experience at one of Toronto's largest ski clubs.
With twenty years experience in the printing industry during the time that it went through two waves of technological change, she is deeply interested in cultivating technical resilience, curiosity and adaptability in others. Ensuring the success of this group fulfills her commitment to growing a diverse computing, digital arts, technical and engineering community in Birmingham.
Interests within RMM: Website and mobile development, programming, electronics, wearables.
Lead skills within RMM: Sewing, printing, visual design, business planning.
Chris Lais
Roles: Board member-at-large, web admin back-up and Computer Lab host.
Shawn Pearson
Roles: Board member-at-large, marketing, educator, planner, tech writer, product development facilitator, idea advisor
Professional Background: Bachelors of Industrial Design, at Auburn University; 16 years of professional experience with Internet based software development, web/email marketing, and database design.
Shawn brings 16 years of experience in business management, plus a career that began exactly when the Internet reached its tipping point from that of the techie counter-culture to the mainstream public. He has designed/developed web based SAAS applications, video, 3D animation, and medical software; then switched careers to web marketing to master the tools and tactics to become one of Birmingham’s recognized Growth Hackers. He has always been a tinkerer, inventor and Maker at heart thus driving his desire to initiate the birth and maturation of Birmingham’s new underground artisan-technology culture.
Interests within RMM: Robotics, micro-controllers, programming, product development/collaboration, additive/subtractive small scale manufacturing, and crowd-funding
Lead skills within RMM: Internet marketing, prototyping, woodworking, plastics (thermo-forming, casting and polymer compounds), 3D modeling, and business planning.
Daniel Near
Roles: Secretary
Background: Mechanical/Electronics Engineer. Daniel started computing in 1984 where he learned Quick Basic and Turbo Pascal writing simple programs, games and fractal generators. He learned electronics, woodworking, automotive repair and manual machining as a teenager while helping his father with projects and repairs in the family garage. Currently working as a Mechanical Engineer designing professional LED video displays and has also worked as a consultant, designing custom micro controller and power supply circuit boards for prototype projects. He previously spent over 15 years as a senior electronics troubleshooting technician performing on-site repairs for the LED display industry.
Interests with RMM: Robotics, 3d Printing, CNC machining, Embedded systems and wood working.
James Nylen
Roles: Tech Wizard (Tech Admin), financial planning and administration.
B.S. Actuarial Science from Auburn University.
James was an insurance actuary for 6 years and is now a programmer for Automattic, the company that maintains WordPress and related web properties. James's interests and experience include programming, automation, data analysis and visualization, and electronics.

Advisor's Circle CVs

John Rhymes
Roles: Advisory Circle, liaison with Alabama Power/Southern Company educational initiatives, Bio Lab Host
Professional Background: Internal Auditing, Data Analytics, BS Industrial Management from Georgia Tech
John brings 30+ years of audit and analytical experience and a focus on internal control structures. A Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor, he currently serves as vice president of the Alabama Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and has served as an officer or board member for over fifteen years.
Interests within RMM: Robotics (particularly ROS), microcontrollers, open source hardware and software, learning everything
Skills within RMM: Generation of random thoughts, scheduling events involving Georgia Tech and Alabama Power, taking things apart, thinking about putting things together, making pizza.
Steven Wyss