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Organizational page for proposed classes and workshops at RMM's space and other community facilities.

Want to know about classes when we start scheduling them? Add yourself to our class alert list

Winter 2016

Introduction to Arduinos - ?
Project development using Arduinos - ?
Wearable circuits - outside instructor
Sensors and clothing - outside instructors
Environmental sensors - outside instructor
Various Arduino projects - instructor to come
Web development workshops - Shirley & JC, outside instructors
Wiki workshop - Shirley, James, Trae
documentary night - critique and discussion -trae
Project-focused Linux
Quite a few requests for youth robotics classes via the class alert sign-up page on the website - we need an instructor for this
Introduction to computer hardware (teardown and reconstruct boxes/laptops) - ?
Making circuit boards - Rick Curl?
Introduction to Circuit Design - Shawn & RIck?
Introduction to Python programming?
Javascript workshops
Intro to Wordpress and Drupal ( in conjunction with Wordpress BIrmingham)
Shop equipment & power tool training and certification.
Silicon casting and molding.
Introduction to 3D printing
3D modeling for 3D printing

Class requests

Introduction to Arduinos - Shirley
Introduction to computer hardware (teardown and reconstruct boxes/laptops) - Shirley
Introduction to circuits - Shirley
Soldering and electronics basics - Shirley

Potential Classes

Comp_TIA A+
Introduction to ROS, the Robot Operating System (Facilitated group going through online tutorials)
MIT App Inventor (Facilitated group going through online tutorials)
Beyond Arduino: Clones and Alternatives (Other microcontrollers and how to choose based on application)
SparkFun Teacher workshops?

Possible ways of handling class sign-up - have a wait list form for a specific class or workshop until critical mass reached, then schedule, with confirmation requests sent out to those waitlisted?