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As of June 1, 2016

Rate increase voted in by Red Mountain Makers keyholders at the March 27th 2016 general meeting. This is to ensure that we have enough income to cover a July 2016 rent increase to $1,000/month and other base operational expenses.

Maker - $20/month
Keyholder, base fee - $40/month
Family members (Age 13+) may be added as part of a family group for an additional $20/month each
On-site storage - additional $10/month ($50 total)
Private work area - additional $80/month ($120 total)
Large private work area (one only) - additional $160/month ($200 total)
Available discounts (for members taking on lab hosting and space admin roles):
Lab host $20/month discount (must be a keyholder)
Admin $10/month discount (must be a keyholder)

Pay dues

When dues are changed, update the following

The dues template
Paypal buttons on website, wiki
Dues rates on WooCommerce CRM (website)
Print materials - brochure

Dues history

March 2012 - members interested in starting the group began paying $20/month to accumulate funds.
October 2013 - May 2016 - after moving into our current space, split membership into makers and keyholders, began paying:
Maker - $20/month
Keyholder (no on-site storage) - $35./month
Keyholder with on-site storage - $50/month
Keyholder with a private work area - $100/month

Our landlord scaled our rent from $600 > $700 > $850 > $1,000 as membership grew.