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Woot! We have cleaning and maintenance supplies! Where there is a live link showing, please check equipment operating instructions before using. We're all paying for this equipment - we need to take the care to maintain it appropriately.

We have the following with which to clean and maintain the space:


  • 36" broom
  • 5 x smaller household brooms & dust pan sets for dealing with small clean-up jobs, deployed to labs.
  • 2 x Dustpans
  • Two string mops
Wet/dry vac replacement filter cover. Must be used on vacuum for all dry vac functions.


  • Paper towel
  • Shop towels
  • Shop rags (wash, reuse)
  • Cleaning supplies
    • Surface cleaner
    • Cleaning concentrate
    • Window cleaner (Windex or similar)
    • TSP (tri-sodium phosphate)
    • Citrus-based "oopsie" paint and gunk remover
  • 48" fluorescent T-12 bulbs
  • 48" fluorescent T-8 bulbs
  • 100w & 60w equivalent halogen bulbs


  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Deodorizer blocks

Basic supplies kept in the bathroom, refills are in marked cupboards in the maintenance room.


  • Dish soap
  • Dish towels (wash, reuse)
  • Scrubbies
  • Plastic cups
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic utensils

Basic supplies kept in the kitchen, refills are in marked cupboards in the maintenance room.


New to Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheets (SDS)? MSDS is the old name, SDS is the new name, and they serve the same purpose - to identify the active ingredients in the products, hazards and remediation. Excellent starting resource - Material Safety Datasheets on the Internet

Products in Maintenance Room


We have quite an assortment, because we've just been buying them as we need them.

WIndex Advanced Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach
Fabuloso Multi-purpose Cleaner
simple green All-Purpose Cleaner
ZEP Commercial All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser -english ZEP All-Purpose-Cleaner-and-Degreaser-Spanish-MSDS-ZU0567.pdfZEP Commercial All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser -spanish
ZEP Industrial Purple Cleaner & Degreaser. English MSDS, Spanish MSDS
Family Dollar brand Mold & Mildew Remover
Bravo Power-foam Heavy Duty Stripper for Spot Buildups
Krud Kutter Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser


ZEP Commercial Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser. English MSDS Spanish MSDS


TAT Flying Insect Killer


Painting Prep Products

Behr Premium Floor Coatings Cleaner & Etcher
Savogran Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

Refinishing Products

MinWax Antique Furniture Refinisher


Goo Gone MSDS
Heinz Distilled White Vinegar MSDS


Klean Strip Color Change Stripper
Citristrip Safer Paint & Varninsh Stripping Gel


Raid Fly Ribbon (fly paper)
Aqua Nt Professional Hairspray (consumer packaging, no MSDS available)

If you notice that supplies are running low on any particular item, add to white board list in the maintenance room for purchase.