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Lab host: JCPorras, meetingroomhost at redmountainmakers dot org.


  • meetings: 12 - 16.
  • presentations 12 - 16
  • work nights: 10 - 12

Tables and work areas

  • 4' x 8' whiteboard table
  • Second work area - plastic picnic table
  • Two 3' x 5' desks
  • One small angled desk
  • 4 computer station bar under window running Raspberry Pi2.

Presentation system


The Meeting Room Host is responsible for ensuring maintenance and improvement tasks are completed - but is not expected to do all the work by themselves. Half the fun is recruiting other people! Makers and keyholders are expected to clean up after themselves, put tools away and to leave the room in a tidy state.

Outside front of Space

  • Monthly or as needed - sweep sidewalk, remove planter debris.
  • Quarterly or as needed - clean windows, inside and out.

In Meeting Room

  • Weekly - dust and wipe down surfaces
  • Take leftover objects back to labs - or discard.
    • Keep surfaces uncluttered!

General safety rules

As a reminder to all makers, utilization of personal appliances is permitted by Red Mountain Makers. However, these safety rules need to be followed.

  1. Don't leave it running unattended. This is especially important for anything designed to heat air or any other medium unless specifically labeled on the appliance by the manufacturer that it can be left alone.
  2. Don't use drop cords across hallways or through doorways. Without securing the cords to the floor and blocking the doors to ensure the cord is not crushed.
  3. Be careful not to overload electrical outlets. That is a quick way to cause a fire.
  4. Do not use the appliance or tool in damp locations unless rated to do so.
  5. Do not interfere with functions of Red Mountain Makers with your personal appliance. Be courteous of others. Here are examples but not limited to:
    1. Playing loud music when a class is being held
    2. Using a bright light in a dark room.
  6. Do not use the appliance if it poses a danger to yourself and others without first gaining consent from the makers to use it, and then making sure all appropriate safety precautions are followed to ensure safe operation.
  7. If someone asks you to postpone the use of an appliance until they leave, do so unless it is absolutely necessary to use the equipment. If it is necessary explain to the maker that it is necessary and why it is.
  8. If for any reason these rules must be violated permission must be obtained from the Chief Safety Officer before doing so.