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Welcome to Red Mountain Makers! As a cooperative, all of our administrative stuff is volunteer driven, so bear with us. :P

  1. Visiting the space in person is always the best first step to getting involved. Check our schedule to see when we're open.
  2. Please print out, fill out, read and sign the waiver and bring with you to the space.
    We also suggest reading the group FAQs, bylaws and standing rules. This is all to ensure that you understand what's going on in the space and understand that it's at your own risk.
    Once signed, give to a key holder, such as Kurt, our current Chair, Greg, our current Vice-Chair, , the current Secretary or Shirley our Webadmin.
  3. Tour the place and feel free to hang out and work on a project that you bring.
  4. If you're STILL interested in joining, sign-up for our monthly Maker pass, at $40 per month. After a month, you will be eligible for nomination as a key holding member.

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  5. Create a wiki account by going to the Request Account page, clicking on "create account", and creating a user profile. Pro tip: if you copy and paste this template into the bio question, it saves a lot of time. Once the wiki administrator has reviewed your application to ensure that you aren't a spambot, you'll be given editing, page creation and file upload access to the wiki.
    If you haven't worked with Mediawiki before (the framework that we use for the group wiki), this editing primer and Youtube video will help. The wiki is the main repository of documentation of how the space operates. Any contributions you make are _extremely_ welcome.
    Once you've received an email from the wiki administrator giving you access, set up a user profile page for yourself by going to the User list and clicking on your user name (which should be in red, indicating that the page doesn't exist yet) to create the page. This is the easiest way to give other group members a chance to get to know you, short of face to face communications. :) Write something about yourself, how you work, what projects you're interested in creating and add links to any other online presences you wish to share. A useful thing to do is to indicate which skill sets you have in which you are the ninja master and which ones you wish to learn.
  6. Join the group listserv. Clicking the link will take you to the sign-up page. The listserv is the fastest way to send email to all group members when you have a question regarding stuff within the makerspace, ongoing organizational developments, classes, and how to solve problem x. Send a brief introduction to test it out.
  7. Decide what you'd be interested in contributing to within the space. We've started to move from having lead members in charge of specific tasks to forming working committees to spread out the work load as the membership grows. Committees are pretty loose - you decide where you can contribute best and contact the lead member.
    Current, specific task leads are:
    Kurt, chair at redmountainmakers dot org -
    Shawn Pearson, events at redmountainmakers dot org, purplepeeps at gmail dot com - promotions, event publicity
    Shirley Hicks, shirley at velochicdesign dot com, redmtnadmin at redmountainmakers dot org - admin bits.
    Shirley Hicks, treasurer at redmountainmakers dot org - web admin
    Chris Lais, chris at zenthought dot org - system admin.
space security
  1. James Nylen, Tech Wizard
    The grants and fundraising working group (aka the fundraising committee) is starting to look for some financial help regarding our infrastructure, program development and equipment acquisition.
  2. For coding projects, join the Red Mountain Makers GitHub
  3. We use Trello to coordinate administrative tasks within the space. To join the Red Mountain Makers group on Trello, go to the Trello page, create an account, search for Red Mountain Makers and ask to join the group.
  4. Set up a project page for your project(s). Trae's project of learning about wikis is a good example
  5. Decide if you would be interesting in leading a class or teaching other members. Contribute to the growing group library (yes, physical books!)
  6. Have fun! This is going to be an interesting space in which to work and build.