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general discussion
projects in the works.

project proposals
propose and discuss projects here

space discussion
where will this hackerspace be?

planning meetings


tools of the trade

project portal
how to make a project page

user page help
how to make your maker profile page

wiki help
how to use a wiki

Getting Started

  • Sign up for a $40 maker pass at http://www.redmountainmakers.org
  • Join the Maker discussion list. Use for general discussion, requests for the membership, questions and group annoucements.
  • Request a wiki account, with your first name in it.
  • Prove you're a person by entering information (include this:[[category:makers]]) on your user page. users with blank pages will be assumed to be spambots and will be deleted.
  • Introduce yourself share your skills and interests, so when others search those terms they can find you. Make a profile on your userpage by copying and pasting the Template:Profile infobox into it. you can upload your face along with other images under 5MB at upload file page.
  • start creating project pages. using project pages is a great way to flush out ideas or show off what your working on. When doing so, remember to add the Projects template, add categories, take advantage of the discussion tab for discussing the topics in the pages, and link to other pages such as other user's talk pages and in the community portal if you'd like people to look at it.
  • keep track of projects and discussions and other pages by adding them to your watch list during editing. For instance you can set your user preferences to receive emails with peoples responses to comments you make on talk pages that you are following.
  • visit the general discussion page to introduce yourself and make your ideas known.
  • report any issues with the wiki to the wiki admin
  • but most importantly, MEET IN PERSON!
  • When you first come to the space, bring a signed copy of the group waiver to say that you're using the space at your own risk. Give to either Kurt our current chair, Greg, our current vice-chair, or Daniel the secretary.

Create a page


and add the appropriate [[Category:???]] on the page before you save it to catalog it.

You can use the box below to create new pages on the Red Mountain Makers wiki.