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also see standing rule proposals
standing rules are voted in by a simple majority of the membership

  • Creation and Amendment of Standing Rules Proposals for standing rules are announced to member list 2 weeks in advance of scheduled meeting. Vote is decided by simple majority or 'quorum of meeting' and proxy votes. If enough yays or nays are given by vote to equal simple majority then the vote is confirmed at the next Sunday meeting - votes can be changed until confirmed at the scheduled meeting.

Intellectual Property

  • addressing By-Laws article 1, section 3, line 3 Any project that is created and executed by an individual member or group of members within an space procured by the organization that is not designated as an official project of the organization shall be subject to the property rights decided upon by the aforementioned member or members.
  • addressing bylaws article 1, section 3, line 3 concerning ownership of projects by individuals Members that plan to retain property rights of individual projects must express their intention of retention to any other members participating in the project in advance of said members participation.

Be excellent to each other

The points following each rule are not rules but suggestions on how to follow them.
1. Be excellent to each other!

  • Be kinder, more helpful, more generous than anyone else.
  • Everybody’s different. Deal with it.
  • Take it upon yourself to take the extra step to bridge communication.
  • Everyone has different skills and skill levels. Help them grow.
  • When you can't solve a problem with a person, try helping them solve a problem with their project.

2. Be excellent to projects

  • Make something new and exciting.
  • Go beyond the commonplace to the extraordinary.
  • Remember, first attempts are never perfect.
  • But big unrealistic dreams can end up awesome..
  • Let's Help others make it better with constructive criticism and encouraging suggestions.

3. Be excellent to the Space

  • leave it in better shape than you found it.
  • that means clean up after yourself AND others.
  • Lets do what needs to be done without being prompted.
  • But if someone asks you to help clean, help them out.
  • Lastly Lets be safe and Look out for other people's safety.


Temporary Rules

until RMM moves

  • status of red mountain makers
    • Maker - sponsored access
    • Basic Member- key holders
    • Full Member - key holders with storage and access to makerspace
    • Board Member - key holder committed to administrative meetings and duties
  • Receiving a Maker pass: Anyone may sign up to be a Maker of the red mountain makers online or at a meeting upon beginning payment of the Maker monthly rate. this allows them access to the workshop areas when accompanied by a member.
    • Household family members of a key holding member have a $15 discounted rate. 6 months 17:39, 9 February 2015 (PST)
  • Induction of Makers into membership: After a maker has paid dues for one months. A member may nominate them to have key holding membership. if no one seconds them, they may be renominated the following month. Following one week after a seconded nomination, given that no negative votes are cast by email or proxy, makers may be elected into membership by consensus of voting members present at maker meets. If a negative vote is cast the vote is delayed until renomination.
  • Rates: 20 for maker, 35 for Key holder (basic member), 50 dollars Key holder with Drawer/Locker storage (Full member) (3 month rule) 17:39, 9 February 2015 (PST), 100 dollars keyholder with studio (full member), 200 for keyholder with double studio. Volunteers under supervision of Members may have access while volunteering to board assigned volunteer areas within the space without need of dues.

until August or if RMM moves

  • 7 Volunteer Positions held by Members selected by the Board
The Communicator

Responsibilities of the Communicator includes but is not restricted to the facilitation of members in carrying out and to themselves carry out

  • advertising and promotions
  • pricing
  • market research
  • Press and interorganizational relations

Also, responsibility for communications between the board and membership at large with a wide range of stakeholders, including but not limited to

  • other members
  • makers
  • investors
  • media
  • bloggers
  • influential members of the business community
  • the press
  • the community
  • the public.
  • online community & social media
  • website analytics
  • facilitation of online marketing & communications
  • online community & social media
Technology Administrator

Responsibilities of the Tech admin cover the overall web presence of RMM, including but not restricted to carrying out but foremost training, delegating and facilitating members with the resources to carry out:

  • online strategy
  • systems & software administration
  • hosting
  • web content development & workflows
  • user experience (analysis/design)
  • online information/data architecture
  • website analytics
  • security
  • archiving
  • accessibility
  • legal issues (for example, copyright, DRM, trademark, and privacy)

At RMM web committee meetings the tech admin may be requested by members to preside over or arranges for other members to volunteer fulfilling the roles of Chair and Secretary. The Tech admin maintains an open record of all aforementioned developments and projected costs of such, and presents them at board and quarterly member meetings.

Network Admin
Business Admin
  • business development
  • business plan
  • Insurance

Business Admin will oversee and work with the systems set up by the Tech admin for use by the treasurer to track membership dues payments, . They will work with the treasurer and Tech Admin to assess the functionality and application of these systems as they are relevant to RMMs interests for sustaining business. The Business Admin will recommend to the board changes needed and organize and implement these systems.

The Business Admin will manage to accuracy and effectiveness of the business plan and will work with the board to make appropriate changes, including expanding its scope to a 5 year plan.

This includes:

  • Wild Apricot
  • And any integration with the website,
  • and inventory systems and dues activated controls.
Safety Admin
  • researches and educates makers concerning safety
Security Admin
  • administrates security system
Lab Hosts
  • Lab hosts are to receive a $15 per month discount.
  • As Hosts to events in the Lab, Lab hosts by default must be Key-holders
  • See Lab hosts Guidelines
  • A communal Space host is a key holder that is volunteered on a monthly basis to perform as lab host to all communal spaces in the makerspace that do not have a lab host. (this includes Hallways, Bathrooms etc.)

Food Kept in Containers

this rule is intended to prevent mice access to food in the space.

  • All food be kept in rigid containers such as metal, glass, or hard plastic containers.
  • No storage in Soft containers nor abandonment of opened food outside of the fridge.

Board advisory circle

RMM's Advisory Circle selected by and for the board of directors to council RMM on navigating legal, fiscal, and partnership issues, such as grants, accounting, outreach, realty and liability. Due to potential conflicts of interest, members of the circle could not also be on the board, nor are they entitled to RMM membership. RMM members who are in the circle that are elected to the RMM board would cease to be on the Advisory Circle. Those in RMMAC may be invited to attend up to 4 board meetings in a year to provide input to the board and are welcome to advise on bringing other significant parties to the table. The titles are up to the individual but I will refer to them as liaisons for now.

General Fund

  • Red Mountain Makers has established a General Fund account for purchase of consumables and other miscellaneous items needed to help the various labs continue to progress.
  • This will be a separate bank account with its own balance and debit card. To start, we will automatically add $100 to this account every month, and there will be 2 ways to spend money out of this account:
  • Lab hosts can send emails proposing purchases to the members[at] list. If there are no objections, then the purchase will be considered approved 48 hours after the email was sent.
  • All other members can also send emails proposing purchases to the list. The relevant lab host can second the proposal, and the 48-hour approval window will start. Otherwise, the proposal will be discussed at the next makers' meeting.
  • When a purchase is approved, a board member will retrieve the card and administer it to the lab host who will be making the purchase. The lab host will purchase the item and return the card with an itemized receipt indicating what was purchased.