2012-03-27 planning

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to calendar ..

0001, / Tuesday, 2012 March 27th 8pm


Bham Hackerspace Meeting


Urban Standard


Absent but informed:


Trae: Advice from Chicago Hackerspace PS1, based on a san fran model- "Establish a group that attends regular meetings to discuss the Hackerspace. Once a space is acquired (which could take up to a year) don't spend too much time debating what should or shouldn't be. Basicaly, don't tell anyone "No, you can't do that here," If someone has an idea of something they want to do, let them run with it." In the end, I think that's what will define the space.

Seth & Evan: I'm not worried about that, I want to focus on the logistics of the hackerspace.

personal visions

  • This is a "hackerspace" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace
  • Cooperative space- Tools belong to the space not on loan from individuals . Tools cannot leave the space. Join to work with others not just to do stuff on your own.
  • Teaching & Demo space - Members can host educational events to each other and outsiders, based on personal projects (no showing projects from outside, this is not a music venue).
  • Community space - People may come in from outside to work on stuff or attend class/demo but everyone, including members, are required to undergo tool orientations before use of any particular equipment.


  • Focus on building the group of people and working on projects before focusing on acquiring space.
  • The meet-up group is nomadic until a space is acquired.
  • Biweekly meetings (2nd and 4th tuesdays, location set at previous meeting) + project days set by project host at the biweekly meeting. ◊
  • Before each meeting try to send any relevant info that you've gathered to the googlegroup BhamHackerspace@googlegroups.com, so that attendees can review in advance.


  • Evan elected treasurer-
  • Charge specific amount to take part in a project based on project cost.
  • Wait till trust is built amongst large meetup group or a space is acquired before charging dues
  • Have suggested donations in the mean time to build funds
  • Dues: 100 $/month cap, prefer much lower, total expenses / # people
  • Tiered membership dues based on amount of access one wants. (Key holder/Locker space, Facility/tool access, etc)
  • Katie checks out Main Street Bham
  • Make and sell promotional materials


  • Houston and Evan start Scouting comittee-

should have working plumbing /electrical located near the southside or mcwane center, �could be anywhere from Glen Iris to Avondale? Could be a temporary space


  • Trae does Contact committee-
  • Everyone contact someone who may be interested.
    • programers
    • open software bham
    • Makers local 256
    • ham radio
    • DIY Bham,
    • UAB engineering dept.
    • highschool or college robot/tech clubs
    • old hackerspace attempts in the past
    • tabling at festivals and green markets


  • Everyone come up with projects-

(ex, tool building projects, money making & promo projects)

  • build a cnc
  • circuit board dark room
  • bham hackerspace advertisement accessories
  • website

pledges for next meeting

  • Houston - scouting: locations & events, coming up with projects
  • Trae - contacting other groups, make group more accessible, field trip
  • Seth - coming up with projects relevant to space and things to sell, (ie, reference library, headbands),
  • Katie - projects, contact groups DIY Bham & main street bham, promotional materials
  • Evan - locations, old hackerspace leads, logistics

next meeting

0002, / Tuesday, 2012 April 10th 8pm, @ Urban Standard

field trip

Makers local 256 in Huntsville (TBA)