2012-04-10 planning

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to calendar ..

0002 / Tuesday, 2012 April 10th 8pm


Bham Hackerspace Meeting


Urban Standard




  • Backgrounds:

ME, CS, AI, Marketing, Community Manager for CO-working space, Cryptography, Art, Music, Build business, Education (elementary and high school)

  • Interests: Music, visual arts, CNC, 3D printing, HCI, building sustainable materials, circuits


  • starting off it will take place at individual's houses

Group Project - something for the actual HackerSpace when we finally get one Individual projects - can be group based off of interest


  • Every Tuesday will be either a planning or a project meeting

Project Meetings - who ever is hosting present a project idea and whoever doesn't want to work on it can work on something else.

  • Project Meeting: 04/17/2012 (next week) @6pm

Host: Houston Materials needed (welding): no synthetics, boots, jeans, mask, long sleeves gloves

  • Statement of Purpose...create a Google doc...

Status of Communication

  • Right now we are using Meetup and Google Groups. However, Google Groups was found not to be very favorable.


HackerSpace in Innovation Depot (?)

Everyone Introduced themselves

Discussed goals of group as educational space, skill share

Seth: We should have two types of meetings: Group Projects and Open Work Nights. These two will cover the gamut if some are not interested in group project.

developmental meetings could be incorporated into project meetings: a short discussion before we start building

Being a nomadic group for a while will help us learn what we need from a space

Seth: we need a statement of purpose

We also need a name

MJ: Introduced Innovation Depot, the opportunity for working with them / being affiliated

Groups we should get in touch with about workshops / members :

  • Artplay
  • Bici Bike Coop

We need another form of communication besides Google Groups.

  • Houston suggested Subreddit
  • Katie Suggested Proboards

Other social networking sites could be useful like Flickr and Facebook (especially for events)

Decided on Houston's Robot welding station for the first group project meet up, Tuesday, April 17th 6 pm at his house David will set up an event on meetup.com