2012-04-24 planning

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We passed out the name suggestion list for everyone to mark his/her top 5 names. At the next meeting we'll complete another round of voting.


Seth - We should bypass officers until bylaws are created to define offices. In the meantime we created committees

  • Site Committee: Evan, Houston, Kevin
  • Fundraising/Sponsorship: JD, DeLorian, Katie
  • Projects Committee: JD, David, Brannon
  • Bylaws Committee: Seth David, Katie, Trae

In the future we will create a requisition committee

Committees will present to the group at Planning Meetings


Everyone needs to be prepared to start paying dues when bylaws are created to define membership/dues

First funds we will need is application for non-profit status. Fees are around $200

We could sell stuff for funds - discussed crowdsourcing/rewards for donations

Hot Metal Project Meeting:

General Opinions: sucks we couldn't weld because it was raining, but it was beneficial to meet Laddie and see his solar projects, and to see Houston's workspace/what he is working on. Working in everyone's different spaces will be valuable in learning what we need from a space

Next Meeting:

We will combine a planning and project meeting at JD's Arduino Basics meeting Tuesday, May 8th at 6pm.

A few people noted that Planning Meetings at 8pm on Tuesdays are too late. We can move around times/locations in the future to accomodate schedules / new members

to calendar ..