2012-05-08 planning

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Chris (new), David, David, Steve, J.D., Seth, Houston, and Dalorion


Meeting Agenda

Discuss Group Name Freeside Visit Report Bylaws committee report Projects Committee report Fundraising Committee report Site committee report Next Planning meeting Next Project Meeting Possible Projects

Discuss Group Name

  • Presented the names that were selected at the last meeting.
  • Presented the list of addendum to the list of selected names.
  • Voted to include those names to names to the list. '
  • Voted on the names.

Dues are going to start being be paid soon.

Freeside (Atlanta) discussion


  • selection of members - betting process
  • Motto: "Be excellent to each other."

Bylaws committee report

  • An outline has been made
  • Freeside bylaws as a model

Projects committee report


  • J.D brought up fundraising idea
  • defined the role of the projects committee

Fundraising Committee


  • write a book on a tech review
  • work with Parker to

Site committee report


  • maybe talk to Church of the highlands
  • J.D. saw a site off of first avenue

Next Planning Meeting

Project Meeting - TBA

Possible Projects

  • canned microphones
  • altoid amplifier
  • fire brick forge
  • Houston has a project he's working on

Other things that were mentioned at the meeting

checked out J.D.'s website, PrototypeRobotics

brought up the idea of building projects that are a part of a fundraising effort. Possible money-making projects:

  • Instructables contest
  • Myth Buster spin-off

Other things we talked about

  • Theo Janssen
  • tiny Janssen legs Golem Krang
  • Mechanum wheels
  • Beta Make team