2012-05-22 planning

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There were quite a few new faces at this Planning Meeting.


Bylaws Committee Report

The committee has developed details the following outline for the bylaws and they can be viewed on Google Docs for comment:

I. Statement of Purpose
II. Officers and Elections
a. Responsibilities
b. Elections and Terms
c. Nomination and Voting


We selected the following individuals for interim Board Member positions:

  • Chair - David Johnson
  • Treasurer - Dalorion Johnson

The committee also discussed the group name voting results of the vote from the last Planning Meeting (05/09/2012).

Fundraising Committee

  • Expect dues to be taken up at the next meeting.
  • We mentioned the idea of doing some editing and testing of projects for J.D.'s next book.
  • Also, we talked about working on projects to sell.
  • "Does anyone know of any potential sponsors?"

Site Committee Report

no new sites were discovered


Currently we are using the following sites for communication:
  • Probards - Meeting Notes, Announcements, and Discussions
  • Google Docs - to share documentation
  • Meetup.com - Meeting Announcements (main)

Project Committee Report

  • We discussed the last Project Meeting (05/09/2012) which took place at J.D. home. There we learned the basics of Arduino.

Next Project Meeting

David will be hosting the next meeting at this place, June 5th @ 6pm. There we will learn how to build small battery powered amplifiers.

Next Planning Meeting

TBA - possibly at next Project Meeting

Other discussions

Shirley passed out a report on Toronto's Hackerspace.

to calendar ..