2012-06-12 planning

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to calendar ..


J.D. Warren, David Johnson, Brannon Shipp, Seth Lewis, Shannon, Shirley Hicks, Steven Fontenot, Houston Todd


Planning Meeting Restructuring

-went over handout that Seth prepared



  • Interim Chair -Seth
  • Interim Vice Chair - David
  • Interim Secretary - Dalorion
  • Interim Treasurer - Dalorion

Fundraising (J.D.)

  • get started on kickstarter
  • Dalorion's Paypal account is going to be used a temporarily for e-transactions


  • J.D's Dad has a building 7th Street near le Platinum of Birmingham
  • we could use it for free for a month or two
  • Field Trip - next Thursday (06/21/2012)
  • Time restrictions - Church service - Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings


  • once we have an official name then we can work on building a site


Last Project meeting: Amped

Possible projects

  • The Great Create - Radio
  • make kits and resell
  • Projects for J.D.'s book - he is still waiting on response from the publisher
  • color organ
  • solar robots

Local retail shops for parts

  • Act on Fourth
  • Forbes distro


Per month:

  • Two Project Meetings
  • One Planning meeting

Upcoming Dates

  • Next Tuesday (06/19/2012) - A name for the group will be selected
  • That following Thursday (06/21/2012) - Site visit
  • The next Tuesday (06/26/2012) Project Meeting: Solar Robotix