2012-10-30 planning

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Town Hall/General Meeting A. Introduction 1) Introduce the group to new members. a. Mission statement or explaination “What is a Hackerspace”. 2) Introductions by the officers. 3) Introductions by new members/visitors. 4) Explanation of dues structure and need. B. Updates on the course of the group. 1) Road to incorporation. a. Collected funds and Next steps. 2) Discussion of website/wiki (Shirley and Trae) open suggestions for function and aesthetics of site. b. discussion of web utilization. C. Open discussion. 1) Officers new/old issues. a. presentation (New York and Atlanta Makerfaires). b. Phreaknic invitation from Makers Local 256. 2) Members new/old issues. a. discussion. b. topics to be added to future agenda. 4) Voting on resolved actionable issues by quorum (Bylaws) and nominations. 5) Discussion of next project meeting. a. Show and Tell 6) Q&A a. floor open to any and all questions from atendees. D. Intermission/Adjournment 1) Announcement of next meetings planning/project. 2) Payments accepted (dues requests). 3) Prospective members may submit notice. 4) Call to end of Town Hall.

Agenda Red Mountain Makers 10/30/2012