2013-01-08 planning

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Join us to work towards opening Birmingham's first Maker/Hackerspace.

At this meetup you can find out what we are about if you are new to the Maker movement or you can join in as we discuss the direction of the group with concentration on agenda topics that need resolution.

We will be voting on officers and board members at this meeting.

As always the meeting is free to attend and participate in, but if you would like to be a full member please bring cash or check to pay your monthly dues.

Meeting is BYOB and refreshments/snacks are more than welcome.

If you are a full member and you wish to add items to the agenda or would like to give a presentation to the group please contact me via chair@redmountainmakers.org or the comments here and I will update this description.


planning meeting tuesday january 8th @ 6:30pm


stevens place



  • Introductions
  • seth reads statement of purpose


  • Roger
  • Mark
  • Houston
  • Trae
  • Steven


  1. location
  2. Funding

space needs

Roger:We need to define where we want our location to be.
houston:arkedelphia to airport, norwood to valley ave Roger and mark: the city machinery is prohibitive to open experimentation others: so how?

  • water
  • electricity
  • lock
  • outdoor space
  • garage door
  • Range: jones valley basin from arkedelphia to avandale
  • know your neighbors to avoid getting shutdown
  • talk to people working in city gov about the feasabiltiy of getting off the ground.
  • know the alderman
  • trae will talk to jones valley about how they work with the city


trae: makerspace is something that will benefit bham, by fostering a culture of science, technology and industry

  • welding
  • build electronics
  • sewing
  • hobby shop
  • need elevator pitch
  • talk to guilds and societies


  • kickstarter


  • seth - within this week
  • $150 articles of inc
  • $30 register name


seth- form an llc to sustain beyond dissolution of 501c3 in order to redistribute donated materials to original owners


Location- trae, houston, evan standing rules- seth: board needs to establish some standing rules

Board election


  • chair- all yays seth
  • vice chair- david all yays
  • secretary- katie rescended- trae yays
  • treasure- delorian yays
  • board member at large-- houston all yays
  • board member at large- shirley all yays
  • board member at large- chris all yays


  • trae showed off the wiki.redmountainmakers.org
  • group suggested removing hackerspace from front page to be more friendly
  • trae suggests making profile and project pages and add resources to resources page

project meets

  • 1st tues project meet
  • 3rd tues planning
  • last tues show and tell
  • some day of month for board meeting. board members email schedules