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Sign up for this meet at http://www.meetup.com/RedMountainMakers/events/94914922/

Android Uno with Motion sensor

Join us to learn about microcontrollers with a basic sketch and how to design a simple schematic in Cadsoft's Eagle schematic editor.

Bring a laptop if you have one. Optional items to bring: An Arduino board (duemilanove or later), USB cable, RGB LEDs (common cathode and common anode), resistors for current limiting.

If you don't have the parts don't worry, you can follow along or share with those that do and build your sketch later.

You can download the free version of Eagle from cadsoft's website http://www.cadsoftusa.com/

Some of you are already familiar with fading an led with an Arduino. If so, bring another sketch you want to work on and other programmers can help you with your code if you need it.

As always the meeting is free to attend and participate in, but if you would like to be a full member please bring cash or check to pay your monthly dues.

Meeting is BYOB and refreshments/snacks are more than welcome.



Tuesday February 5th @ 6pm. Arduino Basics and beginning PCB CAD design


Steven's place



Steven gives fader code demo, group discussion, Split into groups to work on individual arduinos

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