2013-02-07 board meeting

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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 6:30 PM board meeting


David's house



  • Trae agrees to do introductory and web development, and wiki
  • Shirley, trae and delorian r on WEB commitee
  • Seth works on pr, content, PROMOTION ,press releases. and suggests having a third person would be the maximum number needed
  • seth:should be one logo
  • Trae volunteers to head SITE, and DESIGN committees
  • delorian is head of finance committee
  • david is on FINANCE committee on membership
  • Trae suggests SITE will have several sites presented at planning meetings with estimate of dues from that lease
  • Houston is on SITE, PROMO, and DESIGN committees
  • twitter account is @REDMOUNTAINMAKE
  • board members made managers of facebook
  • Advertising should begin soon
    • roger mentions hobby shop advertising
  • houston proposes making a video
  • seth proposes making video a part of design committee
  • design affirms
  • need committee working on grants PROMO and FINANCE
  • to present at planning meeting
  • PROMO: seth, david, houston
    • logo
    • sites
    • meetup rss
    • wiki usage (location page)
    • 501c3
    • fermentation project
    • secretary will promote video usage
  • SITE meets with addresses and numbers Friday, then meet sat, or sunday
  • 501c3 registered under chairs address
  • seth will blank proboards and post link to active RMM page
  • DESIGN works on meetup
  • DESIGN makes stickers
  • SITE will define criteria for group evaluation
  • seth: intro material: member owned and operated makerspace
    • trae:birmingham's non profit
  • "makerspace" on more of our introductory
  • Lauren delegated official photographer by secretary
  • secretary email needs to be forwarded to secretary