2013-02-24 logo DESIGN

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to calendar ..

We'll be taking submissions soon for logo designs


5:00pm sunday logo design research meeting


Urban Standard (closed) -----> starbucks





logo criteria:

  • needs to work in variety of invironments from web to print to tshirt
  • readable understandable in under a second
  • vector editable file
  • first round cut off point/deadline 2 weeks

branding discussion: mission/imagery

  • explain RMM also in words
  • start wiki discussion

What images come to mind?

  • examples
    • network analogy
    • circuit diagrams communicating to processor
    • industrial networks
    • area legacy

what does redmountain makers mean to you?

  • Examples
    • family networks
    • bridging networks
    • 3d printed rust
    • from corporate industry to grassroots industry. bust free from the big industry top down model to homegrown startup.
    • shirley points out a vision example:urban youth with soldering iron with there grandfather who poored iron at sloss, hill people with diodages bringing kids to RMM events. generational dialogue. bring people who left years ago back to a new industry in birmingham.


  • introductory content pamphlet and online- need copy for about page one for nonprofit purposes and one for makers

Web design


  1. wiki widget needs server accesss
  2. need php guru / wordpress troubleshooter
  3. check with other hackerspaces to see how they solved web integration of one single account and payment systems
  4. check wiki: rss feed or email
  5. we have akismet for wordpress. can akismet work for wiki?
  6. make wiki about page
  7. wiki private pages extensions for sensitive material