2013-03-19 planning meeting

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Join us to work towards opening Birmingham's first Maker/Hackerspace.

At this meetup you can find out what we are about if you are new to the Maker movement or you can join in as we discuss the direction of the group with concentration on agenda topics that need resolution.

We will be voting on officers and board members at this meeting.

As always the meeting is free to attend and participate in, but if you would like to be a full member please bring cash or check to pay your monthly dues.

Meeting is BYOB and refreshments/snacks are more than welcome.

If you are a full member and you wish to add items to the agenda or would like to give a presentation to the group please contact me via chair@redmountainmakers.org or the comments here and I will update this description.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 6:30 PM planning meeting


Desert Island Supply Co. 5500 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL


  1. dalorion
  2. shirley
  3. roger
  4. ames
  5. chris
  6. seth
  7. michelle
  8. trae
  9. houston


  • trae pays dues
  • madison payed dues at Project:solar dehydrator
  • introductions_open source discussion
  • 5% discount with adafruit with potential retailer 40%
  • Discounted Family dues? once we get a space
  • Spread word to colleges and high schools. trae says he'll do some
  • Standing Rules vote on standing rules addressing by-laws article 1, section 3, line 3
  • secretary will make a standing rule page
  • firehouse
  • currently charitable donation is made by dues untill we have space
  • Roger: shows hardcopy
  • application merged into pamphlet
  • michelle : incubate!(bang) funded REV's 6months free rent to start up in avondale.
  • events for different sections of paper
  • rss feed opened for bham365 for public space events not privat residences
  • open source tie together sites (for email)
  • Electronic payment system: repy, paypal, stripe, 2.9% dewalla 2.5%, square (reader) 2.75%
  • roger: swag
  • project proposals: kites, sonic objects
  • pheonix festival: need description of what we're doing, and three people, memorial day weekend. Ames, houston/or david, seth
    • Federal Recognition Forms form 1023

meeting Agenda/ town hall


  • Introduce the group to new members
    • Mission statement and explaination “What is a Hackerspace/Makerspace”
  • Introductions by the officers
  • Introductions by new members/visitors
  • Explanation of dues structure and need

Updates on the course of the group

  • News and Announcements.
  • Reports from Board Commitees
    • Finance/Treasury
    • Design (Logo Discussion)
    • Site/Location
    • Website/Web Development
    • Promotion
  • Discussion of final steps on Non Profit status
    • Alabama Attorney General
    • Federal Recognition Forms form 1023
    • Power of Attorney (??)
    • Joining Alabama Non Profit Alliance

Open discussion

  • Officers new/old issues.
  • Members new/old issues.
    • discussion.
    • topics to be added to future agenda.
  • Voting on resolved actionable issues by quorum
  • Discussion of next project meeting
  • Q&A
    • floor open to any and all questions from atendees


  • Announcement of next meetings planning/project
  • Payments accepted (dues requests)
  • Prospective members may submit notice
  • Call to end of Town Hall