2013-03-26 deconstruction derby

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Deconstruction Derby!

Taking things apart is the yin to the making yang. At this project meeting we're going to get our hands dirty taking things apart and seeing how they work. We're going to be dismantling, disassembling, and violating warranties. We'll identify circuits, chips, components, and generally figure out the what and why of

This is a potluck kind of affair. BYOjunk. Electronics, machines of all kinds, engines, whatever. Feel free to your screwdrivers, socket sets, saws, multimeters. There will be an angle grinder and a sawzall for anything particularly stubborn.

Once everything is in pieces, we'll brainstorm about how we can cobble them together into some kind of franken-creation.

As always the meeting is free to attend and participate in, but if you would like to be a full member please bring cash or check to pay your monthly dues.

Meeting is BYOB and refreshments/snacks are more than welcome.


Take things apart, see how they work. Tuesday March 23rd 2013 6pm


Houston'e house http://www.meetup.com/RedMountainMakers/events/109175532/