2013-04-04 board meeting

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The Metro Bar & Music

2125 2nd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL



  • seth: 1023 mandatory, 27 months deadline from filing with the state, in march, as a 501c3 to be considered tax exempt.
  • Trae proposes: get another 501c3 (non religious) opinion on this, &/or wait until we either a: receive a sizable donation B: have a sizable expense/space
  • Pheonix festival: table with presentation, an hour of scheduled activity. pass pamphlets and membership forms
    • seth instrument + prototype
    • david quadcopter
    • ames cube
  • seth is getting PO Box for group: waiting on address
  • houston does kite project
  • press release in progress
  • sonification or kites on april 30