2013-06-18 Show and Tell

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This month we have a special guest for show and tell. Miles Jackson is coming to show us his electric VW Beetle. He will be towing the car to the meeting place so there will be plenty of juice for demo rides!

Note the new location for this meeting (at Trae's house).

As always the meeting is free to attend and participate in. We are raising money for a shared space so if you decide you would like to become a full member, please bring cash or check ($20) to pay monthly dues.

Meeting is BYOB and refreshments/snacks are more than welcome.


show and tell / VW Beetle Electric Conversion


Trae's place


  • trae
  • David
  • Aaron
  • Bob
  • Mykel
  • Kimberly S
  • Steve S
  • Kat
  • Houston
  • Roger S
  • Miles