2013-06-25 vacuform

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The main thing we are going to be doing this time is vacuum forming. Here is a great instructable that outlines the process we will use:


A summary list of the items required:

? 1) Platen (board with a hole in it)

  • 2) Pair of frames with clamps for holding plastic while heating
  • 3) Stand for framed plastic in the oven
  • 4) Oven
  • 5) Vacuum

+ 6) Plastic sheets

+ 7) Molds

? 8) Window screen (placed under mold)

? Need it; * Got it; + Bring as much as you want

I have the oven and vacuum so please let us know if you can bring / make the other items in the comments below. We'll only need one set of items 1-5, but plenty of plastic sheets and molds. Anyone already have something they want to form?

P.S. If you've been to my house for a meeting before, you'll be happy to know that we've moved meetings out of the basement into the well lit and larger upstairs.



davids place


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  • David
  • Aaron
  • Steven F
  • Kat
  • Roger
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