2013-08-01 board meeting

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this page was accidentally purged. the following was the agenda

  • Chk Locations
  • Chk playon
  • Tucker
  • Fundraising
  • T-shirt
  • Kickstarter for RMM
  • Waive membership fee
  • Contact Seth re: Federal NonProfit
  • Hackerspace Insurance hackerspaces.org
  • Playon Con
  • Elections
    • Chair– Vacant (David Johnson)
    • Vice Chair – David Johnson (Houston Nominated)
    • Treasurer – Vacant (Dalorion nominated)
    • Secretary – Trae Watson (Trae Nominated)
    • At Large – Houston Todd (Jeff K Davis)
    • At Large – Chris (Evan Gilbert Nominated)
    • At Large – Shirley
  • Reddit
  • NOT YET Paypal for Dues?
  • NOPE BOSS Hack-a-thon
  • Quadcopter mapper
  • CCD & app from phone mapper on quadcopter
  • Sonar range finder
  • Birmingham Mobile App meetup.

Hi everyone, There are a few things coming up that we thought would be of general interest:

  • 1. Elections will be held a week from Tuesday. If you have a nomination or are interested yourself, please send me an email (dhj@uab.edu). These are the positions up for election, with current holder and nominations so far in parentheses:
  • Chair -- Vacant (David Johnson)
  • Vice Char -- David Johnson (Houston Todd)
  • Treasurer -- Dalorion Johnson (re-nominated)
  • Secretary -- Trae Watson (re-nominated)
  • At large -- Houston Todd (Jeff K Davis)
  • At large -- Chris Powell (Evan Gilbert)
  • 2. We have a new sub-reddit here. It is a good discussion board and place to post links.  If you want a dynamic place for discussion, check it out.
  • 3. Playon Con is coming up this weekend July 18-21.  It's a family-friendly science fiction and fantasy con held at the 4-H hotel and conference center in Columbiana. Roger is bringing the compressed air soda bottle rocket and Houston is bringing the quadcopter!  They will be there Saturday, and it should be fun.  Details at: www.playoncon.com.