2013-08-20 show and tell

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Bring something to show off to the group. Any project is welcome whether it be completed, half finished or just plans or just bring your laptop and geek out.

We'll be planning ideas to submit at the BOSS Hacktember Meet Aug 26th 6:00 at Isotope 11. So think about things you'd like others to help you work on.

This is also an oportunity to submit designs for the logo and mission statement. We'll be silkscreening shirts on the 27th at Bottletree.

As always the meeting is free to attend and participate in, but if you would like to be a full member please bring cash or check to pay your monthly dues and bring us that much closer to having our own space.


  • Show and Tell & Computer Party:

Show and Tell about your projects, and proposals for hactember


  • Crestwood Coffee Shop

5512 Crestwood Blvd., Birmingham, AL


  • trae
  • Jeff
  • Dick
  • Shawn
  • Russel
  • Kat
  • Bob


  • Get a 3d Printer and sell parts like jrod2003 on fiverr.com
  • trae showed space options still waiting to get pictures of the woodrow space
  • how to Keep dangerous tools secure from hurting novices
    • keep dangerous equipment in a locked room that everyone must get oriented on in order to access by key or code
    • USB key lock and station lock on individual tools
    • cell app that switches on power to tools when certified members put their phones close to them. (kickstarter)
  • Marketing
    • Window Banners
    • Flyers
    • Tabling maker and hack events
    • Bring cards to every meeting to give away
    • sending stories to small city newspapers around birmingham.
  • Russell presented his Project:Stratoglider
    • Weather balloon lifts glider into stratosphere
    • balloon explodes
    • glider is released
    • uses gps navigation to return to position
  • Bob Brings up residential space in crestwood