2013-08-26 hacktember proposals

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Call For Proposals message to try to get some project ideas for Hacktember.

As a quick recap: Hacktember will be a month-long hackfest of sorts, and we'll get together at the BOSS meetup for September to show off what projects we built that month.

Having gotten that out of the way, we wanted to start an email thread in which people could suggest projects they might want to be involved in or lead. Then next month's meeting we will form some teams to work on those projects.

Some random project ideas - no one has proposed these, just wanted to get the juices flowing:

- Build a project using TCP in the browser (new Chrome feature)

- Build a game for Chromecast using android/chrome/ios controllers

- Browser-based instrument or vocal effect (echo using websockets!)

- Something using leap motion?

- An android app to control a microcontroller?

Anyway, if you have ideas, please submit them and then we will pick projects and teams next meeting. If you aren't there physically and you want to be involved, you'll need to join the hangout we set up. If you know anyone else in town that wants to be involved in the hack month, please pass this message along.



6pm Isotope 11 529 Beacon Pkwy W Suite 105 Birmingham, AL


  *Josh Adams - Chromechat - 
   *Amanda Stott - Aquaponics -
   *Nathan Stott - Chromechat, observing lupus - 
   *David Wilkins - Aquaponics 
   *Evan Travers
   *Seth Messer - megalithic
   *Tom Miller - Chromechat - 
   *Raiden Worley - Chromechat, observing lupus 
   *Tommy Baggett - video editing skills for aquaponics
   *Ames Ferrell - USB security or aquaponics
   *Andrew Thomas - Lupus
   *Errin Larsen - Lupus or Chromechat
   *Alex Allen - Chromechat
   *Jakub Tucholski - Jobs War-Driving + Chromechat + Lupus stats 
   *Shirley Hicks - USB Security device, general tutelage 
   *John Cover - Aquaponics 
   *Kurt Fattig - Stratoglider 
   *Bob Montgomery - Lupus
   *Eric Park - Aquaponics - 
   *Dave Cowart - too busy for us but interested observer on chromechat 
   *Vincent Laufer - Lupus
   *Adam Gamble
   *Trae Watson - Stratoglider and USB security, Aquaponics, Jones Valley Liasson,  (RMM can host project if needed)
   *Russell Holcombe  - Stratoglider, Aquaponics
   *kent russell is good with R -


Project Proposals:

  • Arduino Hydroponics
  • Lupus / can be Machine Learning
    • sickle cell anemia | doeslook at conjunctions of markers/alelles
  • Stratoglider
    • Requires approval of the FAA
    • Restricted to certain altitudes
    • tether a glider on a weather balloon
    • UAV
    • Beacon of some tipe
    • Arduino to guidance
    • Restricted
  • Competitive Drill Study
  • Chromachat / Erlang Chat Server
  • USB / Bluetooth physical hardware lockdown/security
  • Full software pocket radio
  • Jobs War-Driving
    • company address of location of job
    • your current address