2013-09-05 planning meet

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This is a Meeting at which we can choose our space, envision how we will move in, calculate our budget, get a show of hands for who's moving in with how much stuff, and discuss what we want to contribute. We will be meeting in one of the potential spaces at Woodrow Hall. This is also an opportunity to call studio space.

By attending this meeting you will be taking a small part in the creation of a stable makerspace for the DIY / maker community of the greater Birmingham area that fosters collaboration innovation and education for those who can't necessarily find it on their own. To give yourself a primer, here are a couple of links on these such places.

The procedure section of this paper gives an idea of starting a makerspace.




planning meet


5504 1st ave N Thursday Sept 5th 6:30pm http://www.meetup.com/RedMountainMakers/events/134531482/


RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/RedMountainMakers/events/134531482/