2013-09-12 Planning Meet

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We have made a temporary agreement with the owner of Woodrow Hall to use the first floor former doctors clinic for a moderate rate and cover utilities. Come to the space to learn what the agreement is, how we can make the most of it, by creating a vision of our future in this space and beyond. This is the launch of OUR Makerspace Plan. We will discuss business and build-out ideas, forming respective teams.

This is also the first official meet of RMM in a Makerspace. We will Need CHAIRS, TABLES, AND PRETTY SOON A CELLULAR WIFI ROUTER. So bring what you can!




Woodrow Hall 5504 1st ave N


10 others


Add Items Below:

  • Introductions
  • liability waiver
  • intro to open wiki use for organizing
  • read Mission Statements choose one
    • consensus for altered statement
  • set up automated dues payments for all members
  • Landlord Agreement
    • No smoking except in rear
      • -what is the
      • when is rent due?
      • pay rent and utilities through him for 6 months
    • Circle of trust- we will all be gate keepers, we are only as secure as our most neglectful gate keeper. we must have a consensus among the group for all key holders. by necessity of secretary's agreement to hold the keys, until the full business plan is submitted, the board of directors officials are responsible for access with addition of prespace dues paying members on a consensus bases.
    • Secretary standing rule proposal to go into effect upon the submission of a business plan to the landlord: Key holders agreement
      • Key registry- numbered keys must only go to those with a record of keyless dues payed for a minimum period, full contact info recorded and automated payment installed? or flawless payment.
      • keyless/guest membership- $15-$20 dollars for a trial period of time before nominated by members to receive a key. membership must be of a consensus. if a member dissents then the nominator can appeal to the board who may facilitate a discussion between dissenter, a witness of their choice, the nominator/s and nominated.
      • Removal the Board of directors may nominate a key holding member for keyless/guest membership based on continued conflict with those being nominated.

1st nominator calls vote no vote unless second nominate 2/3rds vote among those who vote consensus.

      • all membership nominations must be advertised to all members at least a week in advance.
    • Elect Build Facilitator roger key number 2
    • Adhere to a Mission Statement/strategy
    • provide rough plan/timeline (including immediate costs)
    • pay rent
    • transfer utilities
    • build a small shop/ two truckload limit
    • hold meetings
    • clean up, lock up
    • within about a month or two have thorough business plan for 6 months and beyond
      • construction/demo
      • marketing strategy
      • funding etc
      • vision
  • immediate Needs
    • rough timeline/business plan
    • fix lighting/get bulbs
    • internet service provider- 2 month Request putting in half on woodrow hall internet. 6 mnth bump up theirs or get our own
    • electrical and water accounts- offer to put in on current for 2 months. check what is wired to what. what water is connected what.
    • insurance
    • safety commitee- Russel
      • issues to vote: 1. No firearms in the space 2. this is not an open carry zone 3. locked weaponhold
    • Furniture (table, chairs)
      • Make equipment registry
        • rmm owned
        • personal property in storage
        • communal use loaned equipment
  • 501c3 federal registration $400
  • Building committee formation
    • select facilitator, give them key
    • pick a project management tool (discussions, suggestions)
    • Remove light fixtures from attic
    • list immediately needed purchases
    • provide Miles Jackson or other buyer with cash and specs for purchases (fluorescent lights)
    • schedule times and crew to fix electrical
  • Members guide/ FAQ PAGE
  • welcome committee, onboardsman,


our mission statements

Business Plan reference

The following videos from the Virtual Strategist YouTube channel contains some information regarding writing a business plan.

Sample hackerspace business plan, including budgets.

Project Management tools