2013-10-22 planning meeting

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to calendar ..



Woodrow Hall makerspace


Shirley Hicks
David Johnson


  • tuesday
    • get key to miles
    • text andrew about meeting at woodrow
    • meetup for renovations
    • meetup for friday night
  • Wed&thurs
    • renovations
  • Friday 5:30pm -9:30pm
    • literature-brochure
    • business cards
    • fix up quad and strato
    • qr code on door
    • logo on window
  • Saturday maker fair 10-5pm
    • bring literature
    • mykel helps with maker fair?
    • something else happening
    • invite josh and boss
  • Sandy voted in to membership by majority present and by proxy.
  • Membership rates vote:Rates: 20 for maker, 35 for basic member, 50 dollars Full member, with option for renting a room at 50. Volunteers under supervision of Members may have access while volunteering to board assigned volunteer areas within the space without need of dues.