2013-11-10 planning

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to calendar ..



Woodrow 3pm sunday




  • move to front page
  • Orientation page -Bring Id

Upcoming Events

Project Scheduling

  • making chalk paint- mcmc
  • Hack Lunch schedule - Pizza?
  • long term micro-controller curriculum: rick, mykel, david, seth
    • be board
    • arduino tasks
    • january mit open launchpad class

Google phone #


  • workshop shuffle
  • internet

Finish Renovations

  • team

Standing rules

one month period for vetting


Newsletter sent out on thursday organizational- Due to concerns about not receiving day before reminders we will re-instate the reminders without initial announcements and making the newsletter monthly.

  • _talk to mcmc
  • Brown Bag Hack Lunch Tuesday Nov 19th
  • long term micro-controller curriculum: rick, mykel, david, seth
    • rick-
    • mykel- b board
    • David - arduino tasks
  • Seth - Launch pad january
  • Queriosity night - group research with internet projector,
  • dalorion - industrial shelves
  • jc -buckets and speakrs
  • stephen email
  • bill email
  • Work hours 4-6 on sundays
  • movie night potluck 6pm
  • hey, we need chairs.
  • Makerbot pool- Mykel, trae?, David?,
  • RepRap- $200 wiipage
  • jc, bill, and tyler have paid 20$