2013-11-17 Board meeting

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RMMSpace 5502 1st ave N


  • shirley
  • trae
  • russel
  • david
  • dalorion



  • Business Plan
  • Reimbursements


  • Vote to reimburse Shirley for $60/year spam prevention.
    • 4 aye - Dalorion, David, Russel, Trae
    • 1 abstain - Shirley
      • Reimbursement Approved.


  • Standing Rules Proposals
  • Upcoming Events
  • Room Rentals
  • Hootsuite Tutorial

  • Board member CVs for business plan (Examples: http://www.rei.com/about-rei/board-of-directors.html, http://cycleto.ca/sites/default/files/Board%20Bios%20-%202010_0.pdf)
  • TechBirmingham org page: http://www.techbirmingham.com/connect-with-others/
  • Services and activities: Need to describe what we're doing and what we're offering to members.
  • Need to make some plans for classes over the next year, immediate short term offerings, and longer-term offerings. I'd worry less about who is going to teach them than what we want to focus on. Is section 2.3.2 in the model doc.
  • Competition (Trae and Shirley to summarize)
  • Liability and safety (need to discuss plans for handling things. My current understanding is that we're to approach an insurer as a hobby group at this point).
  • Accounting, Legal and other services
  • To keep operating costs low, accounting will be handled largely by designated volunteers.
  • Little to no legal expenses are anticipated beyond the initial setup fees. Because of this, the monthly budget for legal and accounting fees will be carried from month-to-month creating a slush fund for unforeseen needs, and will accumulate for a time when it is needed.
  • Given the size of the facility, the need for other 3rd party services such as janitorial are eliminated.


  • Minutes are posted to next weeks planning meetup page.
  • Board votes to reimburse shirley 60$ for one year spam prevention.
  • Reimbursements are not made for Donations. Reimbursements must voted on in advance of purchase or aquisition.