2013-11-24 planning

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to calendar ..


3pm sunday


RMM 5502 1st Ave N


  • shawn
  • will
  • dalorian
  • trae
  • jc
  • david
  • shirley


Wiki was down so most of agenda in being moved to next week

New Business

  • Magic City Mural collective would like to have their Letters mural displayed in the foyer. this would include a one time art opening.
  • Standing Rules Proposals
  • Upcoming Events
  • Hootsuite Tutorial

Old Business

Back Burner


Wiki Down-


  • queriosity night- to be scheduled when wall is painted
  • Hackncraft 10th 6:30 bt to here
  • Hack Lunch Tuesday to try, but may reschedule based on what BOSS says
  • December 15, 1pm free school
  • Circuits to Robots class begins in January
    • Membership preview classes (january)

to do

  • buy padlock braces- trae
  • get keys- trae
  • Marketing:
    • shawn takes on blog
    • prepare robust schedule
    • theory / faq email list -trae, shawn, david?, seth?, evan?


  • computers

Projects: Chalk circuit?


  • vote for rent 300 in december 600 in january
  • vote shawn

4 members vote yes. 0 apposed. announced in advance

  • shawn gets key 11
  • shirley gets key 12