2013-12-29 planning

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to calendar ..






  • upcoming Events
  • projects


Listservs, admin, who should be on them, approval of membership
Confirmation that all board members have activated their board email accounts, set passwords and mail settings
Any board members needing assistance can talk to Shirley after the planning meeting.
Launch of group listservs (30 min)
news (announcements only)
Listserv administration - who, when and what for? (webadmin needs some direction)
Listserv wiki page: http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/index.php?title=Admin:RMM_Listservs
Request for member emails from the treasurer (Dalorion)
List structure
Lists are hosted in our domain, use open source GNU Mailman software and can be moved with the domain to the non-profit hosting account when we get our 401(c)3 status.
Board list activated
Request for a brief CV/bio of RMM board members for inclusion in business plan and posting on group website
To be included:
Board Member Name
Position held on the Board
Employer (name of business, address) or other affiliation Years served on the Board
What does the board member bring to the board? (previous experience(s), professional and volunteer, skills, and talents)
Anything else the Board member would like to include in their profile (LinkedIn, personal website URL, etc)


  • Become an organization: record what you do so that people can take over your role
  • thursday-
    • hack lunch- 11:30-
    • open Lab till 8pm
    • Coursera Computer Lab Arduino ap
  • monday drawing night
  • first tuesday micro
  • every tuesday
  • check meetup for project nigts
  • computer lab
  • first thursday of every quarter
  • january 10th launch
  • tax + permaloan LLC
  • last saturday in january Dooms Day
  • dues through meetup
  • Business Plan collaboration
  • saturday board/planning meetings?
    • rep rap: prusa

dual head? Mykel sandy trae david russel shawn 500

  • laser cutter

epilogeue mykel

  • cnc milling machine


Alabama woodworkers guild for router?

Inventors Guild presentation inventor's mentors

  • Trae nominates shawn for board member at large. **

four votes pro: dal trae mykel shirley.

    • one ney: sandy
    • vote to follow next week to get other votes

Back Burner


Red Mtn Makers break up and make up

  • board maker cvs
  • Saturday meetings? not enough support. but
  • board task management: status path trello keeps everyone updated -mykel
  • Tech Birmingham contact- collaboration / hosting? jennifer wants -mykel
  • Tour / Soft Launch -trae
  • mediawiki - email munching
  • tax party scheduled on meetup
  • shawn and delorion need to poulate member and makers
  • forward pumpingstation one orientation
  • survey monkey easy way to vote