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Red Mountain Makers space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham




  • upcoming Events
  • projects


  • Survey Monkey tutorial - Shirley
  • Review of business plan
  • Section review and discussion
  • Section approvals
  • Cash flow analysis review
  • Insurance:
  • Description of the electrical wiring in the space
  • Description of the plumbing
  • Description (and details) of the heating and air conditioning systems.
  • State of the building's roof ((landlord to provide details).
  • Estimate of the value of business property to date.
  • Photos of the space taken to date.
  • Confirm Shawn as board member at large.
  • Board Member Elections January 26 at the planning meeting
  • Approve 6 weeks of Yoga Feb-March on Thursdays
  • Approve single Saturday meeting for health discussion


  • Room Rental advertising? We're offering kitchen facilities, washrooms, 24/7 key access, electrical, water supply in each lockable room and...? What else do we need to do before starting to advertise?
  • Services and activities: Need to describe what we're doing and what we're offering to members. Part of business plan, also for advertising.
  • Hootsuite Tutorial
  • TechBirmingham org page: http://www.techbirmingham.com/connect-with-others/ - duplicate and start maintaining? Hasn't been updated over the past 18 months and Shirley thinks its a valuable resource.
  • Need to make some plans for classes over the next year, immediate short term offerings, and longer-term offerings. I'd worry less about who is going to teach them than what we want to focus on. Needed for business plan.
  • Competition (Trae and Shirley to summarize)
  • Liability and safety (need to discuss plans for handling things.
  • Business plan - all equipment on long term loan from members? (confirm so that it can be added to the plan).

Back Burner


Commended meeting 2:15 pm January 12th, 2013
Board members present: David Johnson, Mykel Alvis, Shirley Hicks, Dalorion Johnson.
Board members absent: Trae Watson, Shawn Pearson, Russell Holcombe.
Other group members present: Seth Lewis

Old business

  • Need to draft lease soon, as restrictions or permissions may affect our ability to sublease. Will probably need to have a sublease clause in our lease. Everyone who is currently a member needs to get a space allocated. Mykel will talk to Andrew Morrow, the landlord, regarding terms of subleasing.
  • TechBirmingham - Shirley to slurp & burp their tech groups page, as they are not currently maintaining it. She has discussed this in email with Jennifer Skjellum.

They will eventually update it, but information isn't current. Shirley is concerned that new groups are not listed. Shirley to grab content, update and write a wiki page.

  • DIY Birmingham - SEO. People are having problems finding us as we haven't got enough advertising in the right places. Three people at the Friday Launch Party Beta came to us via http://www.birmingham365.org. How do we solve this? Crew advertising, Friends of friends, promotional presentations, timely push of our content to other forums. Actual advertising required. People == money. Please let Shirley know when events are scheduled so she can manually push them to BIrmingham365.org. Generally need about two weeks advance notice in order to publicize events. Mykel - advertising is required. Shawn is putting together a media contact list. Will be using the news@lists.redmountainmakers.org list for this. Outreach to individual

members of the public to be through the web-based list sign-up, which will push page posts out to our audience via email.

  • Shirley reviewed draft business plan to date. Everyone agreed that board members need to read it through before next meeting in order to approve wording in individual sections. Mykel emphasized the need to get things approved.
  • Shirley has an appointment next Wednesday with Rick Curl's friend Terry Johnson at the Birmingham Small Business Administration office to review our business plan and financial analysis.

New Business

  • Donation form ready. In PDF with fields. Is in the forms folder on the Google Drive. -- Shirley
  • Seth has made arrangements with the McWane center to donate 2 -3 pallets of equipment that they are disposing of.
  • Seth and Mykel to coordinate pick-up. Was determined that Saturday, January 19th would be the best day.
  • McWane Center Head of education, Kathy Fournier. Wants to do mini-maker faire in B'ham with our assistance. Brief discussion of possible locations, including the open lot just west of Woodrow Hall, on the north side of 1st Avenue North. We are to add kfournier [at] mcwane [dot] org to the news listserv.
  • Discussion of heating and cooling issues. We need to confirm status of the Lennox heat exchanger until and get it functional before the start of the spring air conditioning season. Can't realistically hold classes in the space unless it is working. Need to know who within the group has the skills to lead this project. Rick Curl?
  • Shirley has created a new members' orientation page in the wiki.


Meeting adjourned around 5 pm. Ran late. As a result, did not formally get to planning meeting.