2014-01-26 board meeting

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  • upcoming Events
  • projects



Attendees - Scott Kelley, Jonika Kelley, Shawn Pearson, David Johnson, Shirley Hicks, JC Porras and Dalorion
New people - Jonika and Scott
Voted Shawn Pearson in as a key holding member - voters JC, Shirley, David, and Dalorion
80 computers were donated from McWane center for our computer lab
Need to do walkthrough later to establish who is in what room.

Liability and safety - ongoing report - Russell has been working on that there's a page in the wiki
Kurt bought eye washing station - donation? - need to figure that out
Donation forms - Adobe Acrobat form; we may end up using Google Forms
Business plan - ***READ BY NEXT SUNDAY***Shirley met with Terry Johnson (Rick Curl's friend business consultant) he is going to give us feedback. Will have feedback by Tuesday for discussion next Sunday.
Insurance - There's a page in the wiki http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/index.php?title=Insurance
--Also, there is a Insurance board in trello


  • board elections; need nominations; elections next week
  • Shirley nominated for Board Member at large
  • 3D printer - Preusa I3 unbuilt; northcal riprap; David collecting moneys
  • Need Space rules document - Standard OPerating Procedures
  • Press Kits - http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/index.php?title=Press_Kit

---for better press we need community engagement activities - egg marker bot, egg drop, paper rockets...


Voted Shawn Pearson in as a key holding member - voters JC, Shirley, David, and Dalorion

Back Burner


Means of revenue

  • Talked about leading classes
  • Selling stuff
  • bar for the front window

Discussed Business Plan

  • Organization Summary
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Keys to Success
  • Operational Strategy
    • Services and Activities
    • Membership
    • Classes