2014-01-26 planning

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  • upcoming Events
  • projects



Attendees - Scott Kelley, Jonika Kelley, Shawn Pearson, David Johnson, Shirley Hicks, JC Porras and Dalorion
New people - Jonika and Scott
Voted Shawn Pearson in as a key holding member - voters JC, Shirley, David, and Dalorion
80 computers were donated from McWane center for our computer lab
Need to do walkthrough later to establish who is in what room.

Liability and safety - ongoing report - Russell has been working on that there's a page in the wiki
Kurt bought eye washing station - donation? - need to figure that out
Donation forms - Adobe Acrobat form; we may end up using Google Forms
Business plan - ***READ BY NEXT SUNDAY***Shirley met with Terry Johnson (Rick Curl's friend business consultant) he is going to give us feedback. Will have feedback by Tuesday for discussion next Sunday.
Insurance - There's a page in the wiki http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/index.php?title=Insurance
--Also, there is a Insurance board in trello


  • board elections; need nominations; elections next week
  • Shirley nominated for Board Member at large
  • 3D printer - Preusa I3 unbuilt; northcal riprap; David collecting moneys
  • Need Space rules document - Standard OPerating Procedures
  • Press Kits - http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/index.php?title=Press_Kit

---for better press we need community engagement activities - egg marker bot, egg drop, paper rockets...


Voted Shawn Pearson in as a key holding member - voters JC, Shirley, David, and Dalorion

Back Burner


  • Shirley: Doors need website and contact info. - trae
  • Mykel pitched the viability of an architectural lighting project for REV
    • Mykel: Can RMM accomplish this project? y/n
      • feed back mostly positive for ability by a separate LLC rather than RMM, but with reservations over liability, reputation, installation, and maintenance
      • general interest to learn more details
      • Mykel calls for a vote at a later date on the issue
      • LED strip demo
  • Lilis Taylor delivers long arm sewing machine to patient room 5 to be reassembled in the room that currently holds the computers
  • Lilis announces to become Maker (needs sign up info)
  • Lilis outlines opportunity to host a 4 week 2hr class on mondays in March. 3rd - 8th grade students chaperoned by Lilis on behalf of DISCO
    • Discussion on possible projects
      • Shawn: mass 3d printing to be finished overnight
      • trae: basic 3d modeling, live camera feed of 3d printing, basic LED/Battery inserted into printed objects.
      • other electronics options?
    • Description needed in February
  • Elections:
    • Chair: Trae
    • Vice Chair: Shawn
    • Secretary: Dalorion
    • Treasurer: David
    • 2 Board members at large: Mykel, Shirley
  • Planned absences:
    • Trae: Feb 9th - Feb 16th
      • Projects: need someone to open for Drawing night & 3D/CNC Night
      • Shawn to chair planning meetings?
    • David: February-March, though present for Board Meetings,
      • Projects:Hack Lunch and LED brick night will need new hosts. 3D printer host?
  • Other Events:
    • Shirley is giving a presentation on hackerspaces/RMM at UAB Feb 4th at 3:30pm Building BEC room 320
    • Joey Zhang invites us to U of A to deliver a talk about hackerspaces and RMM to ASME-UA, a meeting of about 150 mechanical engineers. lzhang36(at)crimson(dot)ua(dot)edu
    • JC is hosting Yoga on Thursdays at 6:30


Blind ballot voting 10 people present:

  • Chair: Trae 10 yays (consensus election)
  • Vice Chair: Shawn 10 yays (consensus election)
  • Secretary: Dalorion 10 yays (consensus election)
  • Treasurer: David 10 yays (consensus election)
  • 2 Board members at large:
  • JC: 4 yays
  • Mykel: 6 yays (majority election)
  • Shirley: 10 yays (consensus election)