2014-03-02 maker meet

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  • trae
  • baird
  • shirley
  • shawn
  • JC
  • Mykel
  • russell



  • upcoming Events
  • projects


6 month Temporary positions

these are rough drafts for positions in accordance with our bylaws

The Communicator

Responsibilities of the Communicator includes but is not restricted to the facilitation of members in carrying out and to themselves carry out

  • advertising and promotions
  • pricing
  • market research
  • Press and interorganizational relations

Also, responsibility for communications between the board and membership at large with a wide range of stakeholders, including but not limited to

  • other members
  • makers
  • investors
  • media
  • bloggers
  • influential members of the business community
  • the press
  • the community
  • the public.
  • online community & social media
  • website analytics
  • facilitation of online marketing & communications
  • online community & social media
Chief of Technology

The Tech Chief is responsible for information & technology planning, procurement, and architecture for RMM.

This includes but is not limited to facilitating willing members in accomplishing the following

  • solving organizational problems through acquiring, adapting or creating open technologies needed for running RMM
  • maintenance on both the foundational software platforms for such applications, as well as new hardware technologies within RMM.
  • research on technology integral to products being sold to students or clients
  • research on formulating open intellectual property strategies and using open technologies
  • For RMM Information & technology committee meetings, at the request of members, the Tech chief will either preside over or delegate that a rotation of volunteer members is fulfilling the roles of Chair and Secretary in said meetings.
  • The Tech chief is responsible for the maintenance of an open record of all aforementioned developments and projected costs of such, and presenting them at board and quarterly member meetings.
  • For cases of accessing Network Security, such as breaching the firewall, a member may make a request to the board. The tech chief may be requested to advise on this issue, and if approved by the board, the Tech Chief will facilitate the breach within a three week period.
  • The Tech chief will keep a backup of security information in a location accessible by the board in the event the Tech Chief is not available.
Technology Administrator

Responsibilities of the Wiz cover the overall web presence of RMM, including but not restricted to carrying out but foremost training, delegating and facilitating members with the resources to carry out:

  • online strategy
  • systems & software administration
  • hosting
  • web content development & workflows
  • user experience (analysis/design)
  • online information/data architecture
  • website analytics
  • security
  • archiving
  • accessibility
  • legal issues (for example, copyright, DRM, trademark, and privacy)

At RMM web committee meetings the Wiz may be requested by members to preside over or arranges for other members to volunteer fulfilling the roles of Chair and Secretary. The Wiz maintains an open record of all aforementioned developments and projected costs of such, and presents them at board and quarterly member meetings.

Business Admin
  • business development
  • business plan
  • Insurance

New Standing rules

  • standing rules: voting standard (proposal: majority membership. or quorum with advanced notice)
  • no trade in space except by rmm
  • family discount rate


We discussed the following subjects

  • Tearing Down wall in the first to rooms in the first side.
  • Possible Beer Incubator
  • Insurance papers
  • Floor Project - fixing the floor $1500 in back area.
    • volunteers- russell, mykel, david, shirley, baird
  • Back door is leaking
  • We need electrical documentation - But we need to make changes to electrical work
  • Alabama Woodworker's guild - takeaway collaborations; to gain connections (networking)
    • They are interested in 3D printing
  • Ignite Birmingham #10 - https://www.facebook.com/ignitebirmingham
  • New Business (6 month Temporary positions and Establishing voting process for standing rules) deferred to next Planning Meeting

For discussion - need some input for the business plan -- Shirley

  • What does our organization chart look like?
  • Naming an accountant of record?
  • Naming a lawyer of record?
    • pbrumore at aol
  • How to handle discounted membership - sponsors, volunteer hours, what?

Discussion? - Seltzer CRM membership management tool

New Member

  • Membership approval (all nominated by trae)
    • Baird Castleberry
    • jarrett s
    • evan burt

Back Burner


Standing rules

  • sales within space
    • shirley says postpone
  • Standing Rule #1 - Creation and Amendment of Standing Rules

Proposals for standing rules are made 2 weeks in advance to member list - voted on by simple major or quorum of meeting and proxy. If enough yays or nays are given by vote to equal simple majority then the vote is confirmed at the next Sunday meeting - votes can be changed until confirmed next meeting.

  • trae says postpone the family discount discussion
  • Chris Powell and Ian KirkConnell nominations confirmed


Confirmed proposed temporary positions.