2014-03-09 maker meeting

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to calendar ..




  • shawn
  • shirley
  • mykel
  • chris P
  • dalorion



  • established voting process for standing rules
  • established temporary positions in standing rules
    • Comunicator
    • Chief of Tech
    • Tech Admin
    • Business Admin
  • got legal contact
    • pbrumore at aol
  • need accountant contact
  • Jan 1 2014 balance sheet
  • For discussion - need some input for the business plan -- Shirley
  • What does our organization chart look like?
  • Discussion? - Seltzer CRM membership management tool
  • Membership approval (all nominated by trae)
    • Baird Castleberry
    • jarrett s
    • evan burt


  • future plan for back room
  • upcoming Events
  • projects
  • announce proposals for vote in next meetings
  • vote on chris

Back Burner


Agenda topics highlighted in bold

future plan for back room (Mykel Alvis)

  • Andrew said that he will start working on the backroom...at some point
  • replacing joists
  • there's a heater that is either going to extract a heater
  • Andrew has committed to the materials and decisions
  • serious termite damages in joist...pretty much anything that has moisture
  • duct work needs to be removed - but it's asbestos
  • can't take down the wall without removing the ductwork.
  • ductwork -> ceiling -> wall -> floor

New Business - related to future plan for backroom

  • Space across the street - they want to do build out for us
    • more conducive to our needs but not for our current numbers

upcoming Events

  • Intro to Geocaching
  • New Business - related to Upcoming Events
    • set up a way facilitate membership on hosting events
  • "How To" Project- next Sunday at 4:30pm

announce proposals for vote in next meetings

  • Standing Rules for members

vote on chris

  • Received key #18

New Business

  • IT
    • need a wired connection
    • need to see their server room
  • Co-hosting a class with DISCO
    • looking for someone to spearhead the projects

Other Announcements

  • wiring on the sewing rooms
  • we need a dedicated circuits for each room for common work


Chris is keyholding member