2014-03-23 makers meet

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Red Mountain Maker space


Shawn Pearson
JC Portas
Trae Watson
Shirley Hicks


  • upcoming Events
    • Presentation to Disco class
  • projects
    • Internet connection
    • Insurance


  • Electrical circuitry component and plexiglas purchases.
  • Shawn's report on his trip to the Tampa Bay hackerspace.
  • JC requested that we make a reliable internet connection a priority as it's affecting work in the space.


Back Burner


Started 3 pm. Adjourned 4:14 pm

Trae proposed a $150 dollar purchase of electrical circuitry components to rewire the fiber lab electrical supply and a $92 dollar plexiglass purchase to close off the window to the workshop as a sound barrier. Both approved by all members present.

Shawn reported on his trip to the Tampa Bay hackerspace. He took an Intro to Circuits class there, as well as saw a Delta printer in action. The printer was - three motors on a tripod.

He also reported that the Tampa Bay Maker space uses a theatrical company policy.

Tampa Bay has won a Radio Shack award, and established a KickStarter fund in order to purchase a laser cutter and CNC machine. They also landed a local grant for equipment purchase.

Shirley reported that we will be able to get a Directors and General liability insurance quote from McGriff, Siebels and Williams, a Birmingham commercial insurer.

After reviewing the application form, she determined that we need to get group's tax ID, write an anti-descrimination and anti-harassment policy and write a 3-year financial projection. Shirley to find sample language for the policies and put together a draft three year projection for the board meeting next week.

Disco has scheduled us to a 45 minute intro to RMM at 4:15 pm on April 1st, Tuesday. Lillis will be present as the adult supervisor. Trae presenting along with Shirley. Presentation needs to be oriented to kids in 3 - 5th grades. 3-D printer to be running for presentation.

JC reported on computer rebuild and configuration progress. Needs reliable internet in order to proceed more effectively with system diagnosis and installation. Trae reported on what problems need to be solved in order to install an Ethernet cable from the Woodrow Hall server room on the third floor. Andrew Morrow, our landlord, had promised to drill the necessary hole two weeks ago. Trae to follow up, as we're currently taxing the RMM wifi. JC said that reliable internet connection would help with system diagnosis and installation.

JC asked for more help - Shawn and Shirley agreed once time and instruction issues are solved. JC explained about different Linux flavors - Debian vs. Fedora, Ubuntu (derived from Debian). RMM is installing Debian. We need to eonline access to check which versions of Linux will work with individual machines, based on their previous Window installations. JC knows Debian best, Mykel knows Fedora best. Debian most closely resembles a household system and JC foresees that if we're running classes with kids, they are more likely to want the features offered by Debian.

Shirley proposed that we consider a Monday night work night, JC didn't see a problem.

JC thinks that we need more tools to get things done quickly. The internet connection is key.

Adjourned 4:14 pm