2014-03-30 board meet

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to calendar ..





  • upcoming Events
  • projects


  • $92 in maker funds go to buying 1/4" plexi for the window to the shop (unless someone knows a source on security glass)
  • $150 for electrical to establish a dedicated circuit to the fiber room
  • Discussion of pros and cons of joining the Space Federation to achieve 501(3)c status faster (and thus be able to issue tax receipts for donations).


Agenda topics highlighted in bold

future plan for back room (Mykel Alvis)

  • Andrew said that he will start working on the backroom...at some point
  • ductwork -> ceiling -> wall -> floor
  • Intro to Geocaching
  • "How To" Project- 3rd Sundays at 4:30pm
  • Standing Rules for members - anti-descrimination and anti-harassment policy
    • (arising out of a question on the application for the insurance quote)
  • Presentation of 2nd business plan draft. To be taken away for review

New Business

  • IT
    • need a wired connection
    • need to see their server room
  • Co-hosting a class with DISCO
    • looking for someone to spearhead the projects
  • Review and discussion of 3-year cash flow projection
    • (also arising out of a question on the application for the insurance quote)

Back Burner



  • David, Russell, Shirley, Trae, Keith

Extra-Agenda Items

  • Trae submitted dues
  • Business plan is in the final stages and is open for review

Safety Training - Russell

Voted to approve funds for utility payments


  • approval of funds
  • members positions