2014-03-30 makers meet

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  • upcoming Events
  • projects
  • DISCO has requested to use our front room Thursday, April 3rd, 9am - 10am, for a recorded reading of Mtn Brook Middle School kids. Will anyone be available to open for this?
  • DISCO does not have funding for April but is looking into funding kits for 4 2hr May classes taught by RMM.

They are certain we could do a pair of two hour classes during July Invention Camp that would have a large budget, like maybe up to $90 each?

rick to provide budget
  • One Day Workshop:
In the mean time we have been offered to

to do a 45 min introduction to the Red Mtn Makers for 5-10 3rd-5th graders on either March 31st or April 1st.

  • trae proposed to her an April Fools Day class based on the first few Make: Electronics textbook experiments that Mykel is using.
  • Elec-Tricks: with the Red Mtn Makers
Tuesday April 1st
This would be an introduction to the Red Mtn Makers, where you get to meet some "hackers", learn about what RMM does, see a 3D printer in action, and do a couple of experiments with low voltage electricity, like placing a battery on your tongue, and powering a Light Emitting Diode with lemons... For Real!
The emphasis for this kid friendly pitch could be that a hacker is someone who figures out "tricks", and solves problems in unconventional ways. this could include showing off any hardware hacks that yall would like to share/display, or sharing a short story of a hack you came up with.

Lilis and I would be present for this class and welcome any Maker to attend or participate.

  • Fiber Lab:
Lillis has proposed that once the electrical is outfitted and the fiber room painted, that she would move the auto speed controlled sewing machine onto the long arm allowing us to strt making curtains!

  • set date for dedicated circuits for each room for common work



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