2014-07-08 planning meeting

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Sunday, July 13 2014
Planning meeting started 3:41 pm.
Planning meeting adjourned at 4:37 pm.


Red Mountain Makers space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham


Trae Shirley Mykel


Upcoming meeting with the Board of Education
Need to create Print Lab Host role
Safety Equipment held by space members


New Business

Shirley meeting with Board of Ed superintendent Dr. Witherspoon on Tuesday July 8th.
This is to introduce RMM to City Board of Education, as well as to find out what is being taught in City Schools regarding computer science and technical education, and who to talk to in order to increase technical instructor awareness of our makerspace as a resource for technically interested students. Information gained will affect our class planning for Fall 2014.
Chris Lais up for approval as a full member of RMM. Has also been building out and repairing the 3D printers, networks, and working on a console for the 3-D lab. Has been a go-to person for these issues related to this equipment. Has also been working on and developing software for the LED Matrix.
Approved by all three makers present as a member. Email to be sent out to check for any other member objections by Trae.
Trae also requested approval of Chris as a Lab Host for 3-D printing lab. This would be a 3-month trial, to try out the concept within our space. At the end of this period, at the first October Member meeting, RMM Members may approve the concept for use in other labs within the space, or decide to not approve the role. Trae is to work with Chris to draft a description of responsibilities for the Printer Lab Host.
Lab Host are members who are responsible for ensuring that specific labs or work areas within a makerspace are functional, documented, properly labeled and tidy. They are not responsible for the work themselves, but are responsible to ensure that it gets done by delegated members.
Approval given by the three Makers present to give Chris a $15/month break on his membership in exchange for taking on the role for the 3-month trial period. If this works, Board will consider expanding role to other lab spaces within RMM's makerspace. Proposal for the Lab Host responsibilities to be run by the membership in email this next week.
Questions - Safety
Need to know how many members currently have their own hard hats. We are considering purchasing a set for use on in the space during construction. Please respond directly to Trae.

Old Business

Trae and Mykel knocked out a wall in the exam rooms opposite the current Space Lab for future use as the permanent Computer Lab. We have a lot of building to do in the space over the next six weeks. Member help _is_ needed.

There was a diesel electric car meet July 5th at Miles' place. There will be another diesel electric car meet next Saturday, July 12th.
A/C is broken. Waiting for Andrew Morrow, our landlord to fix. Lack of A/C is affecting Bib & Tucker Sew-Op's ability to use the space for their meetings. Trae to follow-up with Andrew.


Chris Lais voted in as a member by three members present, barring any objections by other members via email.
Approval to give $15/month membership discount to person taking the role of Printer Lab Host. Proposed by Trae, seconded by Shirley, all present in favor.