2014-07-20 maker meet

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Sunday, July 20 2014
Meeting started at 3 pm.
Meeting adourned 5:05 pm.


Red Mountain Makers space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham

Attending Members


  • Virginia Phillips
  • Milad, UAB engineering student, colleague of Steven Wyss

Maker's Meet Agenda

  1. Presentation of i3 Detroit parking permits/tickets as a means of tracking/tagging objects and projects within the space.
  2. Show n'tell - filing cabinet, supplier catalogues, printer supplies, paper supplies and photocopier supplies.
  3. Board Nominations. Positions up for vote include:
    • Secretary of the Board
    • Two board members-at-large
  4. Non-Board Position Nominations. Positions up for vote include:
    • Chief of Tech
    • Communicator
    • Web Admin
    • Business Admin
  5. Report on wiki update
  6. Server donation by Will Daniels, new Maker.
  7. Proposal to make space clean-up work night a quarterly event.
  8. Update on Hackzone
  9. Insurance inspection report
  10. Website Bugs

Matters up for vote today:

  1. Approval of trial Print Lab Host position
    Proposed Print Lab Host job description:
    • The Print Lab Host is responsible for, and may delegate at will, the Print Lab's cleanliness, equipment maintenance, user coordination and education.
    • The Print Lab Host will ensure the cleanliness of the lab is kept.
    • The Print Lab Host will ensure maintenance of equipment in the Lab;
    • The Print Lab Host will coordinate and educate users on maintaining, cleaning, and using equipment themselves as it serves their needs.
    • In the event that equipment migrates to another lab the Print Lab host will continue to service over said equipment until a lab host is established for the new lab in question.
    • In the event that users of the lab desire to organize, the Print Lab Host will coordinate and chair those organizational meetings based upon the usage of the lab and its equipment and will represent the committee in financial requests to the board and membership as needed.
    • The Print Lab Host will maintain access to resources for user education.
    • The Print Lab Host will provide Network assistance to Makers in the event of Network failure, within the specifications set forth by the Chief of Tech.
  2. Vote for tuesday maker meets at 6pm Tuesdays. board meets last Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm
    • Votes and discussion can be made by email. confirmation of votes at 3pm.


New Business

  1. Virginia Phillips, a resident of Mountain Brook, has a 11-year-old son interested in robotics, programming and working with Arduinos. She is looking for a forum, group or venue where he has an opportunity to work with kids with similar interests. She had contacted RMM via Facebook back in June. She attended today's planning meeting in order to find out what might be possible either through RMM, and what we might know about other efforts within the city.
    Youth hacker space
    • Birmingham maker space at the library - Trae had talked toHaruyo Miyagawa from the Birmingham Public Library last June.
    • The Birmingham Public Libary plan will take two years to develop and build out. The library has approached us regarding coordination, but our primary focus must be on member activities.
    • Steven Wyss is looking at using the RMM space to run a CORD Arduino program on a sessional basis.
    • RMM is probably two years away from being able to offer appropriate kid-oriented programming on a regular basis.
    • Steven Wyss has grant writing experience - possible to leverage this in pursuit of grants for our use?
    • Discussion of resources available for 11 - 14-year-olds for guided technological learning - what options are available in the city (Virginia).
    • Discussion of who might be interested within the group (parents) and with in the greater community (Virginia, Shirley, Trae, Steven)
    • Discussion of how to connect with other parents in the community? (Shirley's suggestion)
    • Maker magazine running | discovery camp video stream (Mykel's comment)
    • Decision to put Virginia Phillip in touch with members David Johnson, Shawn Pearson, Jarrett Vance & John Rhymes (all parents) to begin exploring what may be possible.
    • Virginia to contact other members in the community to determine interest there.
  2. Member and Board meeting - proposal to move meeting times to Tuesdays starting August 1st to see if we can improve member and maker turnout.
    • Mykel has a problem making this in person, and requested that we consider having some of this via Google Hangout. No objection from other members present.
    • Shirley suggested doing a test hangout within the next week to ensure that we can make this work with our current audio visual set-up.
  3. i3 Detroit's parking tIckets presented
    • The purpose is to ensure that objects and projects coming into the space have a clearly identified owner, and are clearly associated with specific projects.
    • Mykel suggested to that members should request a parking permit first, requiring ak second member or lab host to sign off on this first form, and change it to a parking permit once permission is given.
    • Front room and halls shall be designated No Parking Zones in order to keep them clear. We must abide by the fire code.
    • Trae suggested making ours smaller than the 8.5" x 11" samples shown.
    • Decision made that they should be two per 8.5" x 11" printed sheet, (2 up) and be color coded.
    • Request for a Parking Permit to be yellow.
    • Parking Permit to be green.
    • Parking tickets, issued when a project or object has been in the space too long, will be pink.
    • Shirley to present drafts at next members planning meeting, with proposed instructions on both ticket and wiki.
    • Once drafts and proposed system reviewed by membership, consideration will be given to including this system in the Standing Rules.
  4. Quick tour of filing cabinet and cupboard organization done during Bag'em and Tag'em in the Print Lab.
    • Members present now know where to find stationary supplies, group's working files and software. All drawers and cupboards labeled with contents.
  5. Proposal by Shirley to start having a quarterly space clean-up work day.
    • Frequency to be increased as membership grows.
    • First Bag'em and Tag'em work evening on Wednesday, July 16th resulted in a significant improvement in space cleanliness and orderliness.
    • In order to give the membership an incentive to show up, it is proposed that this day is to be the day that any member can claim unlabeled equipment not entered in the inventory system, or materials without a member's name and contact information on it and either move it to a lab where they will use it, or remove it from the space.
    • Proposal to call this function the "Equipment shuffle and sweep" - things can disappear or move from one space to the other.
    • This day is also to be the day for preparing accumulated materials for for recycling.
    • Items with parking tickets that have expired may be recycled.
    • Owners of items with current unexpired parking tickets will be contacted and advised of their status.
    • Email notification to go out to membership.
    • Any member can put a parking ticket on stray, unlabeled equipment or projects.
    • This event is to be a scheduled for weekends, preferably Saturdays.
  6. Mykel proposed that we consider offering future maintenance team members incentives via reduced membership costs.
    • This is to be considered when we evaluate how our first Lab Host position, the Print Lab Host, has functioned during the position's three month trial period, at the October Board meeting.
  7. Update on the Hackzone - additional walls have been removed today by Mykel, Steven and Trae.
    • Debris still present and must be cleaned up - do not enter the Hackzone, do not put additional stuff in the Hackzone.
  8. Shirley reported that she met with the inspector representing the insurance underwriter on Friday, July 18th at 2 pm. He walked through our space, completing a survey with regards to activities, equipment present in the space, fire systems in place, electrical and mechanical systems. We still have to get information to him regarding the age of the roof and age of the last renovations in the space. The underwriter will issue a letter to our insurance broker, Blake Halveston at McGriff, Seibels and Williams with instructions as to what steps will be needed to remedy deficiencies.
  9. Steven Wyss reported that our main website "contact us" button does not work, and that the applying for membership buttons on the website doesn't work
    • Shirley will look at, if necessary will call in Baird Castleberry.
  10. Shirley to check with Ann Caperton regarding website style update.
  11. Call for nominations for Board:
    • Shirley - secretary
    • Russell - member-at-large
  12. Call for nominations to non-board leadership roles:
    • Business admin - Shirley nominated by Trae, and seconded by Mykel.
    • CTO - Mykel nominated by Trae, seconded by Shirley.
    • Web Admin - Baird - will he consider standing again?
    • Communicator - open for nominations.
  13. Proposal for a fridge clean-out day concurrent with the board meeting.
    • Last board member to arrive for the meeting cleans out the fridge.
    • All food and beverages not labelled with a member name and date to be tossed.

New business

  1. Rick Curl not in favor of Mykel's proposal to use RapidAir air compressor tool system
    • RapidAir (issue with pressure) see Trello board.
    • Mainstream alternative is $1000s.
    • There is debate about this purchase of an inexpensive air compressor; Mykel is ignoring it as he is the one purchasing the equipment.
    • Rick is concerned about quality of equipment and potential for accidents.
    • It will be tested and evaluated and we will see how it performs.


  • Print Lab Host: Last call for votes - all present who had not voted last week or via email during the week were in favor, none opposed.
  • Chris Lais approved as Print Lab Host, none opposed.
  • Vote taken to shift member meeting dates to Tuesday evenings at 6 pm, with Board meetings to start at 5:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month.