2014-07-27 maker meeting

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Weekly meeting of the Red Mountain Makers membership to deal with space administrative matters.
Date: Sunday, July 27th, 2014
Meeting started 3:05 pm.
Meeting adjourned 4:40 pm.


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Trae Watson, Member
David Johnson, Member
Shawn Pearson, Member
Shirley Hicks, Member
Russell Holcombe, Member
Chris Lais, Member
John Rhyme, Maker
Steven Wyss, Maker
Colin Brogan, Maker


  • Board nominations
  • New member and maker nominations
  • Bylaw changes regarding group admin and tech lead positions
  • Proposed membership voting change (link to proposed bylaw change with language
  • Call for Maker Faire projects
  • Youth Maker space meeting with the Birmingham Public Library
  • Vaping in the space.
  • New website presentation
  • Ticketing system to manage projects within the space


Board nominations

Russell Holcombe- for Board Member-at-large. Shawn Pearson seconded. Vote occurs today
Shirley Hicks for the Secretary, already nominated to stand. Vote occurs today
Chris Lais - nominated for Board member-at-large, Nominated by Trae Watson, seconded by David Johnson, thirded by Shawn Pearson.
Chris has been putting significant time in at the space, between solving 3D printer problems, working on the LED matrix group project, both in the hardware and in controlling software development, and in sorting out some of our wiki database problems.

Membership nominations

John Rhymes nominated for membership by Trae and seconded by Shirley.
John has been contributing to the information system project, as well as attending other project meetings.
Will Daniel nominated as a member by Trae, seconded by Chris Lais.
Will has been attending project meetings. working in the space on projects
Steven Wyss nominated for membership by Trae, seconded by Chris Lais.
Steven has been attending project meetings, will be a technical education collaboration for high school students, as well as helping us connect with UAB for future projects and help with sourcing equipment.
Evan Landers has been nominated for membership by Trae.
Trae proposed an amendment to the standing rules to change the Tech administrator position to a three month appointment to allow for Baird's impending fatherhood. This will allow us to select someone new when Baird's responsibilities increase at home.

changes in bylaw language:


addition: The Secretary is responsible for the collecting and archiving of records, information and documentation via the wiki and keeping a hard copy backup.

Changes in standing rules language

Chief of Technology
The Tech Chief is responsible for technology, security and infrastructure planning, and procurement for RMM.
This includes but is not limited to facilitating willing members in accomplishing the following
*solving organizational or security problems through acquiring, adapting or creating open technologies needed for running RMM
*maintenance on both the foundational software platforms for such applications, as well as new hardware technologies within RMM.
*research on technology integral to products being sold to students
*research on formulating open intellectual property strategies and using open technologies
*For RMM Information System committee meetings, at the request of members, the Tech chief will either preside over or ensure that a rotation of volunteer members is  fulfilling the roles of Chair and Secretary in said meetings.
*For cases of accessing Network Security, such as breaching the firewall, the Network Admin may make a direct request to the Chief of Tech or any other member may make a request to the board. The tech chief may be requested to advise on *The Tech chief is responsible for the maintenance of an open record of all aforementioned developments and projected costs of such, and presenting them at board and quarterly member meetings.
*The Tech chief will keep a backup of security information in a location accessible by the board in the event the Tech Chief is not available. 
Network Admin
Proposal to make this a 3 month position. Responsibilities of the Network Admin covers facilitating networking and databases of RMM, including but not restricted to carrying out but foremost training, delegating and facilitating members with the resources to carry out:
   *network installation and maintenance
   *database systems administration
   *server installation and maintenance
   *software administration
   *user experience (analysis/design)
   *backend information/data architecture
   *implementing security/privacy
   *domain hosting 
At RMM information systems meetings the Network admin may be requested by the Chief of Tech or committee members to preside over the meeting as Chair. The Network admin maintains an open record of all aforementioned developments and projected costs of such, and presents them at board and quarterly member meetings.
Responsibilities of the Communicator includes but is not restricted to the facilitation of members in carrying out and to themselves carry out
   *advertising and promotions
   *market research
   *Press and interorganizational relations
   *Public outreach
Also, responsibility for communications between the board and membership at large with a wide range of stakeholders, including but not limited to
   *other members
   *influential members of the business community
   *the press
   *the community
   *the public.
   *online community & social media
   *website analytics
   *facilitation of online marketing & communications

Each Admin would also patron a backup person.


All members present voted in favor - None opposed.
Include Mykel via Skype on next meeting. Ensure that he is included in future communications. He is running systems that we depend on inside the building.
David and Mykel to join RMM information system working group for the next project meeting on August 5th at 7 pm.
Secretary - Shirley to confirm need for permanent paper records for minutes and docs to meet legal requirements.
Membership present approved purchase of fire proof safe at approximately $50, for key document storage.

Proposed change in process for membership nomination voting;

Proposed amendments to standing rules/bylaws
Following one week after a seconded nomination, given that no negative votes are cast by email or proxy, makers may be elected into membership by consensus of voting members present at maker meets. If a negative vote is cast the vote is delayed until renomination.
The membership present discussed the importance of actually meeting new incoming members. They also discussed and considered methods to ensure more inter-member communication.
Proposals requested from members at all levels as to how we can best introduce new members and makers to the space. Suggestions should be added to the next members meeting agenda for Tuesday, August 5th meeting at 6 pm.
Several members from Red Mountain Makers, along with a couple of area parents, will be meeting with staff from the Birmingham Public Library Thursday, July 31st, to discuss the formation of a youth-oriented makerspace at the library.
There are a few people vaping within the space. This concerns other space members, because of perceived exposure risk within a confined inadequately ventilated space (currently undefined). Do we need a standing rule regarding this? The landlord has stated that he doesn't want people smoking on the sidewalk. Do they need to go to the back? We are going to need clarification before we convert to a month-to-month rental agreement to a lease with our landlord. Birmingham laws say that we are a public space and that there should be no smoking within 7 feet of an entrance. Vaping not regulated. Proposals - go to back, going in a separate room, going to the front. Tabled for now - awaiting member input. Suggestion made that we need to involve those who wish to vape in solving the problem Tabled. To be revisited at next member's meeting. We're asking for language proposals for a standing rule to recognize the Birmingham city law that this is a non-smoking area and regarding how the membership would prefer to handle vaping within the space, to be submitted via email or added directly to next meeting's agenda on wiki.
Ann Gillett presented the new WordPress theme that she has developed for the Red Mountain Makers website. All present were pleased with the new look. Members and makers not present at the meeting may see the new look at http://dev2.capertongillett.com/

If no one objects by this time next week, Ann will proceed with applying the new look to our existing website.

Where is the receipt book?
WIki editing class.
Put parking ticket system for projects and objects within the space (click through to see working guidelines and links to tickets) up for review - beta test. Discussion suggested to add a tear off ticket for tracking number of objects with ticketed status.

Proposed standing rule on voting

Following one week after a seconded nomination, given that no negative votes are cast by email or proxy, makers may be elected into membership by consensus of voting members present at maker meets. If a negative vote is cast the vote is delayed until renomination.


Board Election

Board Member at Large, Russell 6 yays 0 nays Russell is reelected Board member at large
Secretary o the Board Shirley Hicks 6 Yays 0 nays Shirley Hicks is elected Secretary of the board.


Proposed membership voting change - in favor, none opposed. New standing rule.

Standing Rules

amendments to admin positions 7 yays 0 nays

Maker votes on buying fireproof safe up to $50

all in favor none apposed.