2014-08-05 maker meeting

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Weekly meeting of the Red Mountain Makers membership to deal with space stuff.
Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
Called to order: 6:06 pm
Adjourned: 8:08 pm


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Russell Holcombe - Member
John Rhymes - Maker (voted in as Member)
JC - Member
Celeste Pfau - Maker
Kurt Fattig - Member
Trae Watson - Member
Shirley Hicks - Member

Late arrivals

Chris Lais - Member
Shawn Pearson - Member
Baird Castleberry - Member
Steven Wyss - Maker (voted in as Member)
Mykel Alvis - Member



  • Issue regarding cleaning up after space events - Shirley
  • Proposal for a membership card/negotiating local supplier discounts - Shirley
  • New Maker mentoring? - Shirley
  • Proposal for membership application form, with sample forms.
  • Information that should be collected for new makers & members versus donors.
  • Request for members to begin putting their names, contact info & storage spot on their equipment on loan to the space.
  • First Aid certifications.
  • Discussion regarding recording events - JC


Membership nominations

  • Will Daniels
  • John Rhymes
  • Steven Weiss



  • Issue regarding cleaning up after space events - Shirley
    • Hosts requested to ensure that workspaces and meeting spaces used are clean and tidy after events before closing up the space.
    • Need protocol to check trash and empty can before leaving. If not taken out to bin (security issue late at night) to at least prepare the bag and leave note for next person in following day.
    • Shirley and JC to propose language for standing rule wrt to this for next meeting. - everyone to be responsible for mess.
  • David (Treasurer) and Trae (Chair) had an online meeting with James Carlson from the Space Federation Friday, August 1st. RMM now has 501(3)c status under the Space Federation umbrella.
    • Information our website, wiki and forms need to be updated to reflect this. Receipts for donations of goods and money to come from Space Federation.
    • Forms online for asset donations and monetary donations at www.schoolfactory.org/donate.
    • Shirley to set up RMM paper forms to capture required information at time of donation. RMM friends, makers and members are to use these forms to gather information regarding the donation; RMM will then submit the request for receipts via the Space Federation website.
    • Shirley presented a proposed form that could be used to capture pro bono professional time donation. This is useful for reporting pro bono donation of services as a tax deduction. All members present in favor of adoption for use.
    • Shirley to confirm that this will can be used with Space Federation reporting system and if so, to adapt form for RMM use.
    • Shirley also alerted membership that they should gather receipts for good purchases and donations to date in preparation for submission within the Space Federation system.
  • Shirley presented a draft membership card & presented the potential advantages and possible ways of using it within the space. With a membership card, there is scope for negotiating retailer discounts (Hancock Fabrics is willing to give a 10% discount with presentation of an RMM card.) One of her concerns was developing a means of indicating membership status when members are paying month-to-month. Discussion of techniques for member status verification. Suggestion made by Kurt Fattig to investigate using individual QR codes that take the reader to member pages with member status. To be investigated and tested.
  • Shirley - how to best introduce new Makers to the space? As group gets larger, it's important that we have at least one person who knows the Maker well and can attest to character. Should this be a mentor or a sponsor, a person that a new Maker can turn to sort out issues of process or "how to do things"?
    • Shirley presented example processes from Makers Local 256 (form URL) in which the group deliberately requires an incoming Maker to seek out Members in order to learn specific tasks and functions, and requires a form sign-off that this task has been accomplished, and from Detroit's i3. Some discussion of adding specific items to the membership application form, such as that the Maker has set up online accounts, oriented to the space, and set up with appropriate online accounts. Sample forms and processes from other groups
  • Membership in favor of adopting a membership application form. Draft to be made available before next meeting for evaluation and review (Shirley).
  • Baird - proposal for a phone list/elders with skill sets for other members to consult? Ties into the issue of how to identify who new Makers should approach for regarding specific interest areas. Stamps or badges on the back of the membership card could be a useful first method.
    • Group goals are to delegate and mentor.
  • Also discussion of what information needs to be captured when. Currently, our bylaws only specify that Makers and Members provide name and an email address. Shirley pointed out that we also should request an emergency contact, and that a mailing address will be required for the Space Federation tax receipts. Decision made to request emergency contact info from incoming Makers, add a statement to the proposed membership application that an address is needed for tax receipts, and that if the potential member regards any information as sensitive enough that they aren't willing to have it on file, that they should discuss this with a Board member.
  • Members in attendance agreed that all current members should fill out a membership form once it is in place.
  • Russell noted that RMM needs to have a form versioning system in place to meet legal requirements. Shirley to add revision dates to current forms and all new ones.
  • Shirley requested that Members get their name, contact info and a "home" location on their equipment so that tools can be returned to appropriate locations. Will help with general work area tidiness. (currently messy). Suggestion made that this be done en masse as part of a work night. Shirley to schedule, once she has created a Google Form for easy addition of equipment to the the online Equipment Inventory spreadsheet.
  • Membership nominees
    • Will Daniels - has been to quite a few event and project nights, has projects underway. Has had more contact with members and makers with active projects.
    • John Rhymes - has been attending Linux and Arduino nights, member and board meetings, and has contributed peg board, hangers and shelving to the space.
    • Steven Wyss - has helped with workshop demolition, attending space meetings, been out for a couple of project nights, and has been very helpful regarding contacting other community groups (BIrmingham Public Library, CORD @ UAB)
    • All approved as new members and issued keys.
  • Administrative position nominees Mykel Alvis, Shawn Pearson, Baird Castleberry and Shirley Hicks presented for vote. Trae (meeting chair) asked to read out position descriptions for [| Chief of Technology], [| Communicator], Technical Admin& [| Business Admin]. On review of the new Technical Admin position, Mykel noted that the responsibilities described were suitable to a much larger organization than we are and that they should be simplified. Baird also expressed concern at that much responsibility. After significant discussion, decision made to revert to old Web Admin position description, and nominees voted in to their respective positions.
  • The following members also agreed to begin learning the following roles as backups:
    • Baird to act as CTO backup.
    • Shawn (the Communicator) needs to select a backup.
    • Chris & JC to act as Web Admin backup.
    • John to act as Business Admin backup.
  • First Aid certification posting as part of emergency preparedness:
    • Russell currently certified.
    • Shirley will make arrangements to renew her certificate.
    • Currently no other space members certified.
    • How do we increase the number of first aid certified members?
    • Cost to run a training session through Jefferson County Emergency Management is $1000+. Need a larger group (and more money in the bank) to make it worthwhile.
    • Steven Wyss to enquire with trainer-certified friends and family regarding running a training session.
    • Once bulletin boards up later this week, List of those with current first aid certifications and photos to be posted.
  • Discussion of telephone emergency contacts (in case of fire or break-in) to be posted for regional first responders - Russell and Shirley have agreed to have phone numbers posted for first contact. Shirley also requested that RMM develop a telephone tree system for sending out word to group leadership in an emergency.
  • Was an issue regarding recording of events and privacy last Friday. JC had offered to record a class for Shirley, who couldn't attend. One of the class attendees objected, and the class wasn't recorded. Question to membership as to what policy should be established?
    • Mykel pointed out that for routine activities, where there the recordings, audio or visual, are not being used for promotional purposes, there is no state requirement for a signed release.
    • Other members also pointed out we have security and video surveillance equipment in place.
    • Trae pointed out that some users of the space have real reasons for concern, due to previous encounters with law enforcement.
    • Shirley pointed out that there are times that people have concerns due to previous experience with stalkers.
    • Decision to put a sign up at the door that you're under video surveillance and that one should have no expectation of privacy in the front room. Shirley to create the sign from existing templates.
    • Decision made to add statement that recordings will be made to liability release and to membership form, but to advise at the start of classes where this will occur that anyone present who does not wish to appear should ensure that they are out of frame and not recorded.
    • Anything going on the website should have a release for media, video & audio. Language to be added to membership form?
  • General decision that if someone needs something taken down, to take it down.
  • Time to create a standing rule - proposals for next member meeting.


  • Vaping in space - Evan found - this study on the effects - not addressed, tabled until next Makers Meet.
  • Any objections to new website look? - not addressed, tabled until next Makers Meet.


Membership nominations

  • Will Daniels, 6 yeahs, 2 abstentions
  • John Rhymes 7 yeahs, 0 opposed
  • Steven Weiss, 8 yeahs, 0 opposed

Board position

Board member at large - Chris Lais voted in unanimously. Yeahs 7, none opposed.

Admin positions

Communicator - Shawn Pearson voted in unanimously. Yeahs 11, none opposed.
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - Mykel Alvis voted in unanimously. Yeahs 11, none opposed.
Web Admin - Baird Castleberry voted in unanimously. Yeahs 11, none opposed.
Business Administrator - Shirley voted in unanimously. Yeahs 11, none opposed.