2014-08-12 maker meeting

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Weekly meeting of the Red Mountain Makers membership to deal with space stuff.
Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
6 pm.


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Russell Holcombe, member
Trae Watson, member
Shawn Pearson, member
John Rhymes, member
Chris Lais, member
JC Porras, member



  • demo clean up
  • baird needs phpadmin access
  • map proposal
  • events
  • AC down


  • Vaping in space - Evan found this study on the effects
  • Any objections to new website look?
  • Proposed standing rule regarding cleaning up in space - JC
  • Issue regarding cleaning up after space events - Shirley
  • Proposal for a membership card/negotiating local supplier discounts - Shirley
  • New Maker mentoring? - Shirley
  • Proposal for membership application form, with sample forms.
  • Information that should be collected for new makers & members versus donors.
  • Request for members to begin putting their names, contact info & storage spot on their equipment on loan to the space.
  • First Aid certifications.
  • Discussion regarding recording events - JC

Membership nominations


Chair: Trae
Minutes: Russel


Ann to bring website as show and tell.


AC - Ideas to offset utility costs of space, mechanical repairs of AC, and less dependency of AC. Steven Wyss will be consulted as he himself deals in AC designs. Please propose positive, productive ideas accordingly. To be discussed:
  1. Re-circulating existing air within space using fans.
  2. Placing articulating (mechanical) louvers above lobby door(s) in place of existing 'framed in' windows. Different seasons would call for different designs or actions.
  3. Troubleshooting
PHP - Baird getting access to PHP for editing, updating and administration. Discussions to be held going forward to aid Baird.
MENTORS - New makers mentoring technique/protocol. As persons member with RMM (Red Mountain Makers), the person who sponsors them will (or would be responsible to) mentor or provide a mentor for learning including, but not limited to the following: About RMM, space protocol, processes, 'how-to', 'go-tos' to even aiding them through there 1st project.
PC Lab - JC requests we work together on getting the 'cafe style' computers (front window) to an in-service state. Volunteers are welcome!
See JC or Meetup for further activities on the matter.
BUILDING I - Preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Cleanup routinely, and methodically. Placing garbage/recycling bins alongside the front door(s) to improve visibility. Please propose positive, productive ideas accordingly.
BUILDING II - Discussion of existing floor design (by Trae) on Lobby whiteboard. Trae has given the floor plan on our white board considerable thought. Please review new floor map To provide feedback. Please propose positive, productive ideas accordingly. Andrew is encouraged to widening our back door. Exit signs to be installed by contractor as soon as possible.
BIRMINGHAM NEWS - Ian Hoppe has written a well done articles in the Birmingham Newsand AL.com about Red Mountain Makers at Woodrow Hall. We are VERY excited about ALL of our publicity that promotes our mission. With that said, Russell has has brought to the table our presence when we have company regardless of whether or not they will broadcast their experience(s) to just a potential member or across the country. The concern is that our attitudes and respect as Red Mountain Makers should be 'in check' AT ALL TIMES. While Ian was visiting our meeting, there were higher than necessary tones in conversations, negativity and vulgarity. In short, Russell is reminding all, that we must act according to our mission.