2014-08-19 maker meeting

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Weekly meeting of the Red Mountain Makers membership to deal with space stuff.
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
Meeting commenced 6:08 pm
Meeting adjourned 6:58 pm.


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Shirley Hicks, member
Trae Watson, member
JC Porras, member
Chris Lais, member
Shawn Pearson, member
James Nylan, maker
Steven Wyss, member



  • donations page on website - request for projects and language
  • Standing rules for space regulation
  • chairs purchase & replacement of existing chairs
  • bins purchase
  • planned shelves purchase
  • friday load
  • work day
  • wiki
  • insurance inspection


Following items still outstanding, no further progress.

  • Vaping in space - Evan found this study on the effects
  • Any objections to new website look?
  • Proposed standing rule regarding cleaning up in space - JC & Shirle
  • Proposal for membership application form, with sample forms.
  • Request for members to begin putting their names, contact info & storage spot on their equipment on loan to the space.
  • baird needs phpadmin access
  • map proposal
  • events
  • AC down

Membership nominations


Chair: Trae
Minutes: Shirley


Space floorplan - Mykel wanted some revision. We have to watch how much we open up as major reno requires all electrical to be brought up to date.
Landlord to provide scaffolding and drywall.
RMM to be responsible for the demolition and clearance of objects from space.


New donations page - need to add explanation of donationship relationship.
Donation in kind - add to the donations list?
Standing rules review - short version - Trae would like to make it a bit more light-hearted. Will edit
JC requests somebody lead the RFID night again so he can participate (he's had some requests) - he is leading Linux night on Fridays. Shawn mentioned that Rick Curl will be able to lead once he recovers from recent surgery.
Art night is moving to Thursdays. Trae is thinking that this could be a general hack and craft night.
Reminder to update BIrmingham365 event posting.
Chairs purchase - Trae purchased 36 matching wheeled chairs at the UAB auction on Monday, as well as 5 x 5.5 cabinets. Shirley purchased 4 pallets of storage bins. Will need help loading and unloading on Friday August 22nd at the UAB warehouse pending 2 pm - 5 pm. Trae to set meetup once transport arrangement confirmed with Bill Hudson. A work Meet-up will be scheduled onced transport is confirmed. Short chairs can be resold to neighborhood used furniture store - need to confirm ownership. Parking tickets will be applied today - if you own them, please move out by Tuesday August 26th.
Trae to post some afternoon work days on Tuesday and Thursdays - half hour sprint workouts to remove nails from lumber being kept for reuse!
We have a FIberLab loom certification class. If you want to know how to use it, come to class, Saturday August 23rd, 4 pm.
Group needs illuminated exit signs and a licensed contractor to install them. Required to meet insurance and building code requirements.
Regarding wiki: still some missing pages - we're going to need to recreate them.
Insurance inspection - we need to know date by which installation of illuminated exit signs must be complete. Shirley to check with our insurer.
Request for updated wish list from Steven Wyss - we have potential donors. If you want it, get it on the wish list!
Trae to schedule a field trip to Technical Knockout for either Monday August 25th or Thursday August 28th - call for interested members. Please let him know.