2014-08-26 board meet

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Board meeting, Tuesday, August 26th, 5 pm.
Started: 5:16 pm
Adjourned: 6:06 pm


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212



Trae Watson, Chair
Shirley Hicks, Secretary
Shawn Pearson, Vice Chair
Chris Lais, board member-at-large
Mykel Alvis, board member-at-large (via telephone)


David Johnson, Treasurer



  • Treasurer's report
  • Do we need to take a photocopy of a driver's license? Purpose of ID currently being collected with waiver (new members and makers)?
  • Volunteer time reporting, reasons for doing so.


  • Reno work status report.
  • Application for city business license - status.
    • Need to have illuminated exit sign project underway before we start the city license application process.
  • Wiki issues - HVAC & electrical gone. Need to recreate.
  • Space Federation - making donations to RMM
  • Illuminated exit signs - remedy required in order to maintain insurance status.

Back Burner

  • Vaping policy



New Business

  • Treasurer's report - the treasurer wasn't available to make the report due to family obligations.
  • We may need to try out another meeting day. Trae proposed Saturday afternoon. Some members won't make that, but it looks to be fewer than on Tuesday.
  • Trae will meet with David later in the week and send out the treasurer's report to the membership from there.
  • Lease with landlord: Board feels ready to discuss a month-to-month, but main concern is lead time for termination (Shirley and Mykel suggested three month lead). Would it be possible to tie rent escalation to membership level so that we have identified rent increase benchmarks? Trae to discuss with our landlord, Andrew Morrow.
  • PO Box for package delivery - Postal person can't deliver packages to us without a place to drop them off. Postman access to the postal area on the second floor for package delivery is spotty. Not currently an issue, as many members are having component orders delivered to their homes, but expected to become more of an issue as we start to receive literature and promotional packages, and to be purchasing supplies and stock as a group sdirectly. Trae offered to let the group use his Woodlawn PO box for parcel delivery for the next six months. Shirley to update delivery information on website, wiki and on applicable forms.
  • Secure storage - we still need to get a fire safe for secure storage of key organization documents and system backups. Discussed storage requirements. Trae is continuing to look for an affordable option.
  • Presentation of beta volunteer time reporting form.
    • Main reason for using one is to quantify the time required to develop the RMM space and organization by our members, friends and volunteers. Knowing this information will be important when we pursue money grants for specific projects, and donations of equipment from outside companies and organizations, as many groups will want to know how strong our support is both within the group and in the outside community. Counting this time helps us demonstrate this support.
    • Mykel asked for time reporting to be broken down to 15 minute segments. Approved with revisions.

Old Business

  • Reno work status report - demolition in permanent workshop well underway. Our landlord will bring in scaffolding so that we can finish removal work on ceiling and upper walls. Once demolition is complete, he will provide a crew and drywall to redo the walls in that part of our space.
  • Application for city business license - we as a non-profit must go through the business license process in order to _not_ be required to remit taxes. As part of that we must have a fire inspection. This is potentially a problem, as we are not yet fully in compliance with the city fire code.
    • Need to have illuminated exit sign project underway before we start the city license application process. We must show that we have installation underway by September 8th, 30 days after inspection report issued. Question - do we go and get a price and get the work done? We need this underway before we start the business license application.
    • Insurance letter requires that we use a licensed contractor to install signs.
    • Trae made arrangements to have an installer to come in and look over our space to get a better idea of what we would need. He will give us a quote before September 6th.
    • Decision as to how to pay and how we'll handle it once we have a price and specifics of the work.
  • Wiki issues - HVAC & electrical gone. Need to recreate.
  • Space Federation - making donations to RMM
    • New page on wiki regarding how to make donations
    • Shirley tested online processes and has questions for the board as to how we want to establish our internal procedures. After an online meeting with James Carlson and Diana Luepke from the Space Federation on Wednesday August 22, 2014, they recommended that we maintain internal documentation to verify the donation (a form, with a copy to RMM and a copy to the donor), with a designated member (for now, the Treasurer) to enter the donation information into the Space Federation system. Board members present tested and agreed to the proposed process. Shirley to update RMM documentation on website and wiki.