2014-08-26 maker meet

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Makers meeting, Tuesday, August 26th.
Meeting started 6:15 pm
Meeting finished: 6:56 pm


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Trae Watson, member
Shirley Hicks, member
Chris Lais, member & printer lab host
Kurt Fattig, member
Bruce, guest


  • upcoming Events
  • projects



  • Proposed Maker and Member application/enrollment forms
  • events

Back Burner

Following items still outstanding, no further progress.

  • Vaping in space - Evan found this study on the effects
  • Any objections to new website look?
  • Proposed standing rule regarding cleaning up in space - JC & Shirley
  • Request for members to begin putting their names, contact info & storage spot on their equipment on loan to the space.
  • map proposal
  • AC down




Propose maker and member forms - discussion.
Trae felt that the requested information regarding interests and skills was excessive - suggested pushing new members to the wiki
Visitor Bruce told us about his experiences at ADX Portland OR and their enrollment procedures.
Only employees had access to the building - controlled access for members.
ADX was run as a for-profit business.
Heads of specific labs, owner and office manager had keys.
Employees had additional privileges, ADX specifically took on commercial work.
ADX used Base Camp as a project management tool.
Personal information gathered as soon as you walked in the door (emergency contact, payment methods, liability signature, shop safety tour)
Woodshop and metal safety tours were supplemental
Trae requested that Shirley move waiver to outside of form brochure as a way to jump start the enrolment process.
Bruce suggested adding a tour checkbox (good idea!), fire safety protocol, shop safety protocol.
Space demo work now highest priority, as our ability to hold workshops and finish our safety procedures is tied to having a functioning workshop (the Shape Lab).
Trae, Shirley, JC, Steven Fontenot and Bill Hudson brought equipment purchased at the UAB Surplus auction to the space last Friday. The newly purchased lateral filing cabinets are to be used for member storage and need to be moved into the current computer lab area.
Work started to move the computer lab to the new space in the shop to make room for member storage in the old computer lab space - Demolition done. Shirley will assemble a paint crew as soon as sinks removed. Wall repairs must be made prior to paint prep. Shirley proposed painting the lab a medium grey to support focused coding activity.


Activity and event night changes - Hack n' Craft moved to Thursday, Microcontroller night & 3D rolled into this as well.
Ancient tech workshop to now run on Sundays.